Feature idea: Alert violation regions on dashboard

Following an incident, the associated alert violation region is absent from the dashboard. To confirm, the alert violation region is present in APM but there is no sign of it on any dashboard which tracks impacted entities.

Given identical charts are used within APM and dashboards, the lack of consistent visualisations is really odd and confusing. Particularly with regards to real-time incident investigations where alert violation region information is critical to have.

Consistency between in-chart visualisations across New Relic would be greatly appreciated, just as with deployment markers.

As with other recent features, more than happy to share early-access feedback if applicable. Thanks.

Hello @rishav.dhar can you provide a permalink to the dashboard you are referring to? Thank you.

Hi @sduvall, thanks for your response.

Here’s a permalink to the dashboard across the incident-impacted period. And here’s the same time period viewed in APM, where the alert violation region overlay is displayed across the charts and in the Application Activity sidebar on the right-hand side.

Even the option of a collapsible Activity sidebar within dashboard pages would really help in this regard.

Dashboard screenshot:

APM screenshot:

Thank you.

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