Feature Idea: Alerts to Hosted Hipchat server?

Hey @KyleB - thank you for the update and request. I’ve forwarded that on to our product managers.

This would be very helpful for us. Has there been any commitment to add an integration for a hosted hipchat server?

Hi all - while you can’t do this with our old Alerts system you could use our Alerts Beta to build a notification using a webhook with some custom integration

I hope that if someone does build this that you might share it back to our community. :slight_smile:

Being able to send notifications to our hosted HipChat server would be incredibly handy. The webhooks are more painful to work with not just because they require another thing to handle them, but also having to have one per channel.

Hi @regner I’ve gone ahead and filed a feature request for our product managers. Thank you!

We will support HipChat Server soon. It is the next channel enhancement on the roadmap.


@NateHeinrich - is there a task we can watch for updates? Really looking forward to integrating this in to our platform

Hi @ogtool, I wish we had something external facing you could watch. I’ll put this thread in the ticket as a reminder to update.

Thanks for the update. Really looking forward to the update. :slight_smile:

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Please make it happen.

I have added your feature request, thanks for the input!

HipChat is a great tool with very good APIv1/2 support. I integrate with HipChat via a New Relic Alerts Webhook (Alerts BETA is much better, use that).
If you are trying to create a New Relic alert channel to a custom HipChat instance using the v1 API. This references how to connect to New Relic’s HipChat as an example, New Relic is not using the default api.hipchat.com, rather hipchat.newrelic.com.

Create your HipChat room and notification token
Create an API token here (group admins only).
Create your HipChat room noting the room_ID

Test your configuration with a simple curl:
curl -d “room_id=XXXX&from=newrelic&message=Hello World+Status:+Passing&color=green” https://hipchat.custom.com/v1/rooms/message?auth_token=[auth_token]
Result= {“status”:“sent”}

Create your New Relic Alert Channel
Navigate to the New Relic Alert Notification Channels,
Select “+New notification channel” and select “Webhook” for the channel type,
Channel name can be anything you like. Notification token is from HipChat. HipChat room_id is also from HipChat. “Message” can contain multiple New Relic conditions (see below). Payload type = Form.

Multiple New Relic Alert conditions can be passed into the HipChat message. This is entirely customizable:


For HipChat APIv2, follow the instructions for V1, but your base URL will change. For example:
v1 - https://hipchat.custom.com/v1/rooms/message?auth_token=[auth_token]
v2 - https://hipchat.custom.com/v2/room/psimkins-test/notification?auth_token=[auth_token]

The custom form payload that I am using, as an example:


+1 For this integration.

Otherwise I have a lot of copying and pasting to do.


Does the above examples of integration not work for you? I’d be intrigued to know where the problem occurs for you if @psimkins examples don’t help you.

The examples look similar to what we have got, but if it every needs change then that’s lot more copy and pasting.

It would be nice to have the feature reusable as lot of it is boilerplate and would be easier for OPs to manager without them having to “code”.

Thanks for expanding on your use! I’ve gone ahead and filed a feature request regarding it.

Bump. @NateHeinrich

Alerts Beta has support for HipChat V1. Please upgrade the integration to HipChat V2 API.
Also, please allow configuring the room and server so we can integrate with internal (non-hosted) HipChat server.

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@sajjad_lateef have you tried @psimkins example above for integrating the HipChat Channel using V2 API?

This might solve your issue if be a little manual, which is what we’ve filed the feature request for JP Drawneek for the idea of a boilerplate option for the feature.

I was looking at our Alerts API and it looks like jpdrawneek is correct, we do not support Alert Channel creation via the API, just show and list. It would be a lot of copy/paste per account to set up the Alert Channels per account. Although, with the HipChat v2 API integration it is still a one-time manual step to create the Alert Channel with the specific information in it. Happy to help create Webhooks per account to alieve some of the administrative work until we get native HipChat v2 API support. Thank you.

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