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Feature Idea: Apple Mac OS X Server Monitoring



I’m also willing to help as well - count me in.

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Awesome! Thank you! What an amazing community. :slight_smile:


+1 for us too – we use MacOS for most of our development work prior to deployment on Linux nodes and it would be great to have the dev environment mirror the deployment environment as much as possible, including logging and tracing. @KarlC would appreciate a feature request on our behalf also.


@techguru consider that feature request on your behalf done.


If you would go ahead and add me as a +1 for Mac OS X server support, I’d appreciate it.

Outside of the +1, are there any details that can be shared about the progress of this feature request? What all would be involved in the process? Is it something that could be made available via port or homebrew? Is it a matter of the filesystem layout differences between Linux and FreeBSD? Or is it more in-depth and has to do with the ABI compatibility?

Thank you for any insight into this you are allowed to give. I would be so excited to take advantage of your services!


Actually there is a plugin that works for OS X, you can see it here on our website:

This is the github page for the plugin:


Thanks, @kahrens! For everyone that had this request, I would love to hear if this plugin helps you.


We are looking for something more integrated with the Newrelic suite. Setting up alerts and violations is a difficult task if not impossible. Stats are misleading : cpu usage is at 100% but we have an load average of 1.6 on a 4 core. Value doesn’t adjust their scale (22M kb). Servers don’t show up in the main server display but rather in the sub plugin section.

Don’t take it the wrong way ; we are more than happy to finally be able to monitor our OSX machines. The plugin provide very a good insight on the machine. It show at lot of information really helpful but a summary view around the main resources/core metrics (disk, cpu, ram, network) will be nice.

From our perspective, the perfect world would be a classic server integration (main server display + alerts) and the plugin finer granularity to troubleshoot hard to inspect problems.


Hi @jcharest - first, thank you for taking the time to check out the plugin and share both how it helps and where you need something more/different! We submitted a request for you about a year ago; I’m going to enter this as a new request with all of this detail. Thank you again and have a wonderful weekend!


Glad that OS X is now supported, however i wish it was included in the server view.
Furthermore the stats provided aren’t the same as the standard agents. It feels like an alien =/



Indeed plugins can feel a bit different than the standard product but they also open up new possibilities. You can use existing plugins as a starting base to extend and increase functionality and publish it as a branch as a plugin author yourself. So if you need specific data you can extend the plugin to grab what you need and then customise how the dashboard would look.

Incase it’s of any use to you, here’s our checklist guide for plugin creation. It might help you out in the interim.


It sounds like the third-party plugin doesn’t really work if it doesn’t integrate into the NR suite properly. That to me kind of defeats the purpose of New Relic’s goal for centralizing server/application management. I know that Mac OS X as a server infrastructure is not exactly a hot trend, but at the same time you have APM for Mac OS X, so the precedence has been set. Having server monitoring alongside of APM is an essential requirement for my company, and part of that requirement is ease of use.

[This is an assumption, but] I can appreciate how server monitoring probably depends on the Linux /proc fileystem for the UNIX side of the agent. It should be worth noting that while Mac OS X does not implement the /proc filesystem, it does have the sysctl command that gives similar runtime information. If that has been what is holding back true Mac integration, I’d be more than happy to lend my expertise to getting a native solution in place if one of your developers wouldn’t mind guiding me through the process.


@kstanley Thanks for your offer of help. I was wondering if you have had a chance to try the plugin? It’s true that it does show up on a different tab in the UI, but the great thing about plugins is you can customize the information you’re getting from them.

Let me know if there is something specific that the plugin is unable to do for you and I will add that to your earlier feature request to make sure it is considered along with the feature as a whole.


I would also be interested in this.

Did it get any further? I am surprised that considering New Relic has such as great iOS Mobile Monitoring integration, which requires OS X based build servers, that there is no OS X based server monitoring


@twlawrie Thank you for reaching out and confirming the continued interest in a native OS X server monitoring agent. Our product development team is always looking to enhance our offerings and I have added your interest to a feature request with them


I’m also +1, managing a growing OS X build cluster.


@jgavris I got your +1 thanks for adding your voice!


+1 for fully fledged (equal citizen) Mac OS client.


+1. And given that I work at a large company, where (almost) everyone develops on Macs but deploys to Linux (normally in the cloud), you can consider this reply a +1000 or so.


Got your +1000, @Mark.Rebuck! Thanks for pitching in! I will let my product managers know your are interested in seeing this become a reality. :blush: Please cast your vote above as well!