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Feature Idea: Apple Mac OS X Server Monitoring



+1 for a native implementation of this


@Linds do you have something new for us? A roadmap maybe? It’s an old feature request but all the responses from New Relic are politically evading it.


Hey @jcharest - I’m sorry to say that we can’t comment on roadmaps publicly. I know that’s probably frustrating to hear, and I apologize. However, I am adding your voice to the internal feature request. One things that would help our engineers tremendously would be to learn from you what would be helpful for server monitoring in this capacity. Is there anything unique to this use case that they should know about?


We want it. The plugin doesn’t work very well and didn’t update for a long time. Our requirement:

  1. Alert me if mac server is not running or offline.

  2. Alert me if mac server is running out of space.


Thanks for sharing what you want to see in this feature @puncha. We’ll make sure your comments get to the team.


Hi @daffinito

I am using new relic to monito my infra.
I have 3 MACOS server & want monitor its Disk Utilization, Memory Utilization, CPU utilization please help


Thanks @badal.raj - I’ll make sure the team sees your request.


hi @hross any updates for the above query.


Nothing yet @badal.raj - Feature requests can take a while - but your comments have been sent over to the right people - we’ll keep this thread updated as we know more though.


thanks @RyanVeitch for updating


You’re welcome - let us know if there’s any more we can help with for now.