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Feature Idea: Auto create JIRA Tickets



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Is it possible for New Relic to automatically create jira tickets when an alert is generated?

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


@atrace Currently we don’t have a way to automatically create a JIRA ticket from an alert policy when an incident is generated. That is a great idea, I would love to put in a feature request for you. Could you give me a little more detail on what information you would find useful if those tickets were auto generated? Any information you can provide will help me put in a request that will better fit your needs.


Hi @atrace - you may find it super-easy to cause JIRA tickets to get auto-created from New Relic Alert webhooks by using Zapier


Hi @atrace, Have you got this sorted out? If so, can you share more details?


Thanks @cooper I’ll take a look at Zapier.

@SamusSam The main requirement for us would be to be able to auto create a jira ticket for only certain alert policies and be able to assigned it to a specific project.

@neptuneio It’s mostly a nice to have so was just interested if it was something that was possible. I’ll take a look at Thanks!


New customer, the Jira integration doesn’t make much sense and I second that NR should generate an issue automatically.

The “no way to do it” doesn’t make much sense because there are places in the UI you can generate a Jira Issue, that just needs to be triggered just like the email channels…

Honestly, for our workflow if the Jira integration doesn’t automatically generate issues its kind of pointless and may as well not exist.

So please add in another vote for an alert channel that generates Jira issues.


Hi @afrance we currently don’t have an alerts integration for JIRA which is what @SamusSam was driving at earlier. You could create a webhook and have the information posted to your endpoint then create a JIRA issue based on the payload you receive from New Relic but beyond the feature request for an alerts JIRA integration that’s all we have available right now.

Please let me know if you still have questions about this.


a) alerting using e-mail is and has been for a long time a very bad/unreliable practice and
b) many/most non-small companies use JIRA or other ticketing system to run operations,
it is unfathomable why New Relic does not support direct API calls to popular ticketing systems as a must-have, phase 1 feature, and I can only presume that they do not actually use NR themselves to monitor their own operations.

For those who are curious, if you use NR alert e-mails to send to a ticketing system, be aware that the ticketing system will create at least 3 tickets: one for initial alert, one for alert acknowledgement, and another for alert resolved. This means you must use a human to collapse these 3 tickets for every single alert you receive. Patently stupid.


Hi @Jerry_Miller, I’ve got a long list of integrations our customers want us to add to our new Alerts capability, and Jira is in fact on the list.

As you can imagine these are prioritized using a number of different inputs using data we gather from our customers and market trends.

To be honest, we haven’t received many requests for ticketing system integrations. Though they are starting to come in more frequently so it may end up being done sooner if that trend continues.


Another New User. From what I can tell this hasn’t been implemented yet. Am I missing something? If not, are there any plans to implement it? Thanks.


Hi @wwarner - no news at this point. However, I can add your voice to the feature request. If you have any specifics about how you would like to see this feature implemented, that will help the product team immensely.



Hi all , I’m using the Service Desk plugin for JIRA. With this plugin you can open tickets via email. I configured NewRelic to send Alerts to this email opening a ticket on JIRA. But a process with ticket integration will be much better.


Adding my desire for a simple Jira integration. I’ve set up a webhook manually, but it suffers from the problem that you get a ticket raised for both alert starting and alert resolved, so you end up with duplicates. The webhook integrations are not sophisticated enough to do anything beyond that.

I note that NewRelic already has a Jira integration within the ticketing systems, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to link the two?


Hey @andy.raines! I know what you mean about the duplicates—thanks for letting us know that you would like an out of the box JIRA integration for Alerts. I’ll pass on your request. Please be sure to vote in our poll!


Adding myself to the list of those wanting this integration. Having New Relic alerts automatically create and update a JIRA ticket/issue in JIRA or JIRA Service Desk would be great and would save time for support.

Does anyone know if this feature is on the roadmap? or being worked on?


Hi @chris.sell! This feature has been prioritized, however, I don’t have a timeline to share with you. Thank you for adding your use case! Please be sure and check back at a later date and I will try and update this thread if there is anything to share. :blush:


HI @andy.raines

can you please share how you were able to setup webhook manually with jira? if you can give step by step run down it will be awesome for other use cases till we have this setup automatically as a feature.



We use Jira with JEMH (Jira Email Handler) and the raising of tickets from NR alerts via email works flawlessly.


Hi @daniel.jackson

thank you for the reply.

Can you share more information or steps used for this? We are currently trying to automate that piece and in kind of rush to achieve this. any help is appreciated.



I used Zapier to do the integration - its certainly not brilliant, so its not really a step-by-step job as Zapier walks you through it. Not brilliant, but kinda works.