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Feature Idea: Auto create JIRA Tickets



Hey @andy.raines thank you for the response.

Are you using free Zapier? and user are using one to one from email to jira ticketing integration?

@daniel.jackson can you please elaborate your solution so its more detailed.



Afraid not, we’re paying for Zapier. In the grand scheme of things its fairly cheap - if you can afford New Relic you can probably afford Zapier too! Best of luck


Thanks @andy.raines

In our design we are trying to control the third party tools to a minimum as if we keep adding it can becoming a management nightmare.

@hross Kindly requesting your insight on this feature idea, if this is moving or we have good wait before we can get it? challenge is we dont want to start adopting other tools to fill the gaps.



Hey @MKhanna -

The list of features and their priorities is CONSTANTLY shifting for our teams. Although we’ve had some recent customer traction on this and have shared that with the teams, I wouldn’t bet that it’s coming in the near future, and would definitely consider a workaround.

If you get something working satisfactorily, we would love for you to share any details that you can here for everyone else, and I’m grateful that you brought it up on this thread so we could get some other storied shared! :slight_smile:


Hi @hross is it possible to see if any technical team can share an example of Jira webhook, as that is the nearest implementation to automatic alert ticket generation that we can use.

Its only not clear on what custom fields to be handled and how to be setup.



Hey @MKhanna! I saw your request for this in our Alerts Level Up category as well. I am not aware of an example of this, but will leave this open for the rest of the community and our experts. :thumbsup:


An example of, or a feature from the team to add alerts to Jira would definitely still be helpful.


@lance.wright Thanks for the +1 here, we’ll get that added! Could you add some detail to what you would like to see from a feature like this? We like to make feature requests as detailed as possible, so anything you could add would be great :smiley:


Thanks for the enthusiasm! (regardless if it ever happens or not).

It would be nice if Jira was added to the list of alerts options. The same option list where you can choose slack, webhook, etc…

There is already an integration feature to create a ticket, but a Jira alert feature added to the dropdown choice for an auto alert list would definitely be helpful!


Understood! Thanks @lance.wright I’ll get that added to the feature request!