Feature Idea: Benchmarking Sharepoint 2013

I am new to New Relic and also considering using it for benchmarking Sharepoint 2013 performance. I am interested to know whether this .net agent and Sharepoint Designer conflict issue is resolvable. I am interested in both the APM and Browser monitoring, but also want Sharepoint Designer to continue to work as we use it a lot.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

@peng_zhang The quickest way to resolve the issue is to make sure the agent’s Browser configuration is set to the following:

<browserMonitoring autoInstrument="false"/>

This will at least prevent the issue from manifesting immediately. As a workaround you can try to manually instrument the pages using the .NET API to add the Browser header to specific pages you won’t be pulling into designer. Alternatively you could use the Copy/Paste method to inject the full script into the pages.

However, this may not be ideal so we can certainly file a feature request for better integration of Sharepoint 2013 systems, specifically aimed at Designer. Let me know if that sounds like an acceptable path and I can get started on the feature request.

@ehulburt this is critical for us. SharePoint 2013 is a strategic platform and SharePoint Designer support is required.

Hey @Daniel5 - I have added your request for our product managers. Thank you!

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Can I add a +1 for this feature please? We are trying to get some stats on our sharepoint environment. I’ve had to turn off the browser feature to enable Designer. The Geo and page views are the prime reason for enabling the agent, so to lose those is a major feature lost.


Hi @david_phillips

I have created a feature request on your behalf. Thanks for your comments :smiley:

Hello @ddoyle

Is there any update on this feature request ?


No news right now, @garg.alok! I will be happy to add a feature request for you. My product managers like to hear use cases and details—if you would like to provide those, just update this thread! Thanks! :blush:

Any updates. Is there an update or a workaround for this? Is the conflict between New Relic and SharePoint or New Relic and SharePoint Designer. Does New Relic work with SharePoint 2016?

@bill.anderson -

There is no update on this.

The conflict seems to be caused by the .NET agent’s injection of our javascript based browser monitoring agent into the SharePoint Designer page.

You can get around this by disabling injection of the browser monitoring agent using the config setting described earlier in this thread (i.e. <browserMonitoring autoInstrument="false"/>). That has the unfortunate side effect of disabling browser monitoring for all pages.

There is also a more targeted solution that might work. See this page for details. Note specifically the <requestPathsExcluded> configuration. Do you think that might work?

Regarding SharePoint 2016 support: The .NET agent has no specific understanding of SharePoint itself but because it’s asp.net based the agent should be able to monitor it. We’ve not specifically tested SharePoint 2016.

I can certainly make a feature request for SharePoint support including a fix for the Designer issue.