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Feature Idea: Caution Level Email



has this still not been implemented?

I’m getting a bit anoyed by nightly alerts of disk space being full when a simple caution alert a day before could have easily let me do this during the day.

A few people mentioned a double policy, but that’s not possible for servers right?


You can have an entity targeted by as many conditions as you’d like in the new Alerts system. Feel free to create multiple policies with different thresholds and channel sets!


Would still be nice to have a warning notification implemented without doing a multi-policy workaround. Currently warning are useless for small companies who do not have a NOC and nobody is watching the screen 24/7.


Great input, @aluch! Thanks for sharing your use case with us—I will pass along your idea to our product team to review. Please be sure and also vote above and check back often! :blush:


I just found out that warning thresholds do nothing from a notification standpoint, and I would also like to add my vote to this feature being added. We’re in the middle of transitioning away from an in-house system which supports this functionailty and it’s frustrating to find out we’re losing it.

I’d very much like to see it added for the same reasons as have already been mentioned, mainly so we get gently notified in a low-key manner rather than being woken up in the middle of the night. Also, I find the idea of setting up multiple alert conditions just to implement this behaviour overly complicated, it’s not a solution I really want to have to implement.


Thanks @guybluebat - Thanks for sharing here. I am sorry that it’s a frustrating experience, and appreciate you taking the time to share specifically how this would help you. I added your notes to the existing feature request.


No worries, and thank you!


Is there any update on when this will be implemented?


This is something we just ran into and need. All of our other monitoring tools already have this built in.


No updates to share today, @GNIG and @dthiele. I hope you both added your vote to the poll above!