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Feature Idea: Consistent facet colors across all dashboard widgets



My account has multiple applications and I want my dashboard to show total unique sessions in two different ways:

  1. A pie chart of unique sessions in the past hour, grouped by application
  2. A time series area chart of the same data over the past day, also grouped by application

Unfortunately the colors assigned to the facets are different in each widget. For example, application A will be yellow in the pie chart but red in the area chart. This causes miscorrelation of data for anyone who glances at the dashboard, more so since both widgets use the same set of colors, only assigned to different facets.

Will there be a way to make these colors consistent or assign my own colors in the future?

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  • I want this, too
  • I have more info to share (reply below)
  • I have a solution for this

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

Feature Idea: Match Colors on Charts of a Dashboard for the Same FACET attributes
Feature Idea: Match Colors on Charts of a Dashboard for the Same FACET attributes
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Hi amdg,

Thanks for the feedback on Insights widgets. I can’t say for sure if this level of customization will be implemented, but I’ve made sure to pass this suggestion on to our Product team.

Thanks again!


+1 for this idea for the exact same reason.

We have many websites running on the same app and we’d love to have the colors be consistent across different widgets. I understand this may be hard to implement, since you’d have to introduce more colors and have to track them across different widgets, however, it’s kind of silly to look at this right now, for example:

Thanks for considering. :smile:


+1 for this ability. It really hurts creating a good dashboard. The documentation says: “The facets are provided in sorted order from largest to smallest by the first field you provide in the SELECT clause." How about an alpha sort option?


Great idea, Rick.

+1 for this functionality. Using the data derived from the query to decide on what color to assign each facet doesn’t allow for any control. Even with only 2 servers, charts require much more visual processing than they should, because a particular color means one server here, but the other server over there.

Please provide a way to have facet colors assigned in alphabetical order, or to assign a color to a server (although that would only help when “host” is the facet), or some other way to force some consistency across charts independent of the data.



+1 also need this.
We have a pie chart view (duration of past 24 hours) and a line graph view (duration of last 5 hours) stationed side by side on dashboard representing the same set of data. The colors do not match up making it very confusing to read.
For example, the blue on the pie chart is represented in red on the line graph.

Apparently, it gets worst! Refreshing the page manually changes the colors too!!! So If I’m looking at blue, a refresh later, it could be red!!!


+1 Very painful on time series


hi @zdrummond and all - I’ve gone ahead and added this as a feature request for our product managers.


+1 - piling on here. Dashboards are confusing when the colors change across the charts.


+1. I guess the tricky thing with consistent colouring is finding ones that are visibly different even when viewed by different people who may have different forms of colour blindness and the results of the graphs on the page all have different applications.

Alphabetical sorting would only solve this problem if all graphs showed the same set of applications. If many applications are being monitored then some of applications would be filtered by the limit clause.


+1. Perhaps we could use the ‘Manage data’ -> ‘Formatter’ do configure this? Or a separate tab to configure colors and perhaps even name the facet values.


Hey @aht, @Trevor_Dearham, and @sascha - I have sent your requests off to our product managers. Thank you!


+1 for some way to link colors from one chart to another.


Hey @jswidler - I have added your request, thank you!


+1 same issue here; running the following query on different monitors:

SELECT  max(durationWait) from SyntheticRequest WHERE monitorName='CDN' AND locationLabel in('Ireland, EU', 'San Francisco, CA', 'Washington, DC') FACET locationLabel timeseries 5 minutes SINCE 1 day ago

Maybe enable the elements inside IN() to have an ‘as’ attribute?


Hey @romain - thank you for the feedback and idea on how to address it! I’ve sent this on to our product managers. :slight_smile:


+1 on this request.

Also running different metrics across multiple applications and would be great to unify the colors for each one. Then, the legend could even be optional.


Hi @jsa - I have submitted your request to our product managers. :smile:


On a related note, it would be useful if we could assign colours to values in order to highlight items in a RAG style - e.g. Assign Red, Amber Green dependent on thresholds.


Awesome addition; thank you @andrew_brockway. I’ve submitted a request with those comments to our product managers. :slight_smile: