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Feature Idea: Consistent facet colors across all dashboard widgets



+1 to this. Multiple querys in multiple apps :smile:


Gotcha @joaquin - adding your +1 on different metrics across multiple applications with a unified color scheme.


+1 . just required for most of this to be actually useful to compare charts. ex PV in time vs page duration


@pbazerqu I have added your +1. Thanks for the example!


+1 because this is very important for meaningful dashboards. In my case comparing charts on the same dashboard for network Duration over different time periods faceted by appName’s where the color assignment should be consistent for each appName…


Thanks for your input! I’ve added your +1 :smile:


+1 Color consistency between dashboard widgets would lead to quicker insight into the objects being monitored.



Thanks for your input! I have added you to the feature request.


+1 for attaching colors to values:

We have a dashboard showing results from a series of continuous integration tests. The issues we have when visualizing this are:

  1. We can’t color a “pass” as green and a “fail” as red. the default colors are used - blue then yellow.
  2. If we have a chart showing 100% pass the color is blue, if we have a chart showing 100% fail the color is blue.
    In a dashboard scenario is it is not possible to instantly pick out failures, as color is no indication of result.

Any help here would be great. Currently we are thinking of using JSON from the API and feeding them into google charts, but that is such a shame because so far building/using your dashboards has been really really easy.


Thanks @larry_ducie for your input. I’ve gone ahead and added your input to a feature request for our product managers.


Is there an update on this request? I’ve been asked to use New Relic APIs to build custom dashboards that make sense insofar as consistent color and placement.

It’d be great if I didn’t have to do that.


+1 for this idea.
I have a reporting dashboard with many graphs. Different graphs have the same Applications visualised, but each application can have different colours on the same dashboard. This will definitely cause us some confusion when showing it all off.



@james_parris I dont have any update for you right now. I understand the frustration of having to build something custom to achieve this goal so if we had a better option for you we certainly would be presenting it.

It’s a difficult one to implement without making it massively complex, one query might show a value as yellow while the next as green, while this doesn’t look intuitive, it’s based on its ranking in the returned results for that query. Top entry dark blue for example.

I’m going to file a feature request for both yourself and @paulm but what i’d love to understand from your side so I can include it inside the feature requests is, what is a functional way for you to be able to decide element colours in NRQL? Each query can be different, querying different event types and there can often be thousands of values.

If a value for some reason wasn’t there, and a new value was the highest value and it’s a entry you weren’t expecting, what is the right choice of colours and then if it’s not the same in the next graph will you basically be running into the same problem.

So what i’d like to do is understand functionally what makes sense to achieve this goal for you and I can then file a much more detailed feature request on your behalf and help put this idea in its best light.


Thanks for that, @acuffe.
I definitely get that it would be exceptionally difficult to assign colours based on some arbitrary reasoning. Especially because we’d be applying colouring/formatting on rows of data, rather than the columns.

I guess my most pressing need right now, is to have consistent colouring for our applications.
Our applications are “Canstar Gold AU” and “Canstar Blue AU”.
In one of my dashboards, I have several graphs showing specific results faceted on the application name.
In one graph, “Canstar Gold AU” will be coloured blue and “Canstar Blue AU” will be coloured yellow (ironic, I know).
In another graph. “Canstar Gold AU” will be coloured yellow and “Canstar Blue AU” will be coloured blue (and looking nice and intuitive).

So, my immediate functional request would be to be able to specify a colour for an application. When NRQL (or probably other areas of the site) present graphs for this application, the lines are coloured appropriately, I’m thinking this might be configurable from Application Setting page in APM.

For colouring other NRQL queries, maybe having a separate formatting section. Could be hidden by default. Probably need to do something “search for this string/data item in this column and format with these rules”. That sounds/feels very much spreadsheet’s Conditional Formatting.
That sounds pretty horrible and unwieldy, though. I’m sure someone smarter than me can think of a far more feasible solution to help with this.



@paulm that’s super detailed and massively appreciated. I’m filing a feature request including this use case in it for as much clarity in the request as possible. Thanks so much for taking the time to do that.


Thanks, @acuffe.
Anything to help get me what I want :slightly_smiling:


I think the easiest thing to do would be to have the ability to map facets to colors explicitly.


SELECT average(orderTotal) as 'Avg Desktop Sales per Order' from PageView,PageAction WHERE actionName='Order' and userAgentOS not in ('Android','Linux','iPad','iPhone') and countryCode in ('AT','DE') and pageLanguage = 'de' since 2 day ago TIMESERIES FACET TestSegment

Can become:

SELECT average(orderTotal) as 'Avg Desktop Sales per Order' from PageView,PageAction WHERE actionName='Order' and userAgentOS not in ('Android','Linux','iPad','iPhone') and countryCode in ('AT','DE') and pageLanguage = 'de' since 2 day ago TIMESERIES FACET TestSegment FACETCOLORS('A'='#0066cc','B'='#cc00cc,'C'='#33cc33')

Any facet not referenced in Facetcolor function can fall back to standard color scheme.

That’s what I’d like to see. :slight_smile:


Hi @james_parris

Cool, i’ve logged the feature request on your behalf and added your suggestion on how you would see it being implemented for our product managers to review.

Thanks for making your voice heard.


+1 from Ryanair for color-control in Insights dashboards


@deccos Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in this :slight_smile:

Filing a feature request on your behalf now, which means our product managers will discuss feature idea when plotting our roadmap and if implemented in production you will receive notification.