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Feature Idea: Consistent facet colors across all dashboard widgets



+1 from Transport for London too…


Hey @idlemind

I’ve added your voice to the feature requests now! Thanks for letting us know.


Any news on this one? It makes my dashboard with multiple widgets very confusing because the colors change but the facets don’t


Hi @Seth.Goldstein—this is still in the making! Thank you for being patient about this. Check back soon for updates and in the meantime I will create a feature request for you regarding the consistency you mentioned.


Would like to chip in my +1 for this.

My opinion is that just the option to sort by name when using FACET would solve this for me. I have the same projects in all dashboards and if they would be sorted by name and the color codes series would be identical, then it would solve this.


You can add your +1 by voting in the poll in the original first post in this thread. The more showing interest the better to highlight how desired this feature is among our customers.


Dashboards are useless without this feature, or color customization. You end up with things like a success failure chart for monitors where the first chart shows successes as blue and failures as yellow, and the next one shows the opposite. Extremely misleading.


Yup! I hear you, @lance.mcdonald—we get updates about this being an issue quite a bit. Your request has been looked at by the Insights product team and manager so please hang tight and check back for updates! :blush:


I was searching for the hidden settings page that would allow me to force the legends of a dashboard to match color codes, and was honestly a bit surprised to see that the community has been asking for this feature for years.




I can’t believe this has remained an issue for 3 years now. Consistent legend colors when creating multiple widgets showing different metrics for the same applications seems like base functionality. As others have stated, its crazy that you see one app as blue on a chart and then on the same dashboard but in a different chart it appears as red. makes it confusing to look at to say the least.


Can just repeat what @tomhewuse mentioned. It would be very helpful for us as well if the color of facets would be consistent across different widgets. Any updates on how high this feature request is in the current priority list?


It has been prioritized highly, @DKAULEN! Thanks for checking in—I will try and give updates as this move along! Please keep checking back, and be sure to vote in the poll above. :blush:


+1 I am building out an app launch dashboard as we speak and it would be much less confusing if the legacy app and the new launch app were the same colors across widgets on my launch dashboard!


Where is this feature currently?


This feature is chugging along, @jseningen! Please hang tight and I will do my best to update this thread with any progress I learn of.


What is the status of this? Time series facet dashboards change their colors across time and that makes them impossible to read.

Ps: its been 4 years, why it takes so long?


i have a work around for timeseries with fixed facet cases but it doesn’t work for cake or bar charts.

The original query I had was:

SELECT count(*) FROM Transaction WHERE appId = ‘…’ AND name = ‘…’ AND provider=‘paypaxx’ AND action=‘withdraw’ TIMESERIES AUTO FACET CASES (WHERE status=‘approved’ AS ‘Approved’, WHERE status LIKE ‘%rejected%’ AS ‘Rejected’)

You can see here that legend order and color changes with time when rejected > approved

With this new query:
SELECT filter(count(),WHERE status=‘approved’ AS ‘Approved’),filter(count(),WHERE status LIKE ‘%rejected%’ AS ‘Rejected’) FROM Transaction WHERE appId = ‘…’ AND name = ‘…’ AND provider=‘paypaxx’ AND action=‘withdraw’ TIMESERIES AUTO

You can see there that colors does not change when rejecteds>approved unlike when using facet cases. The key is to use diferent filters for each case on the same timeseries query.

When you try this same query without time series, you get something like this instead of cake or bar chart options.


any update on this feature?