Feature Idea: Create a Server Alert if Process is not Running?

There isn’t yet a way to do this. While ‘downtime alerts’ for server monitoring can tell you if the server monitor isn’t reporting at all, there’s no way to get an alert for ‘process not reporting.’

I agree that this would be a useful feature, and will get this idea over to product management.

I can’t promise if or when it will get implemented, but I encourage you to let us know when you want more from New Relic.

i’d +1 this. it should be possible along with the server policies to just add a “check process for status” true/false.

Hey @andreas_wagner - thank you for the request! I’ve gone ahead and sent it off to our product managers.

Hey @Lisa
thanks for the mention.

I kinda suspect that from the New Relic perspective this ought to be a paid feature, covered by the APM service, and (assumption follows) you could probably hack a process monitoring feature to provide parts of the APM feature set. If this assumption is false, please disregard this comment.

However, if it is somewhat true, any kind of transparency on if this feature will or will not be implemented would be highly appreciated as we need to possibly find additional ways of filling this lack of monitoring.
Thank you

Hi @andreas_wagner - I don’t have any other information to offer transparency with at the moment. We do have a beta going for our new Alerts product which you may wish to check out; and I will submit a request for this feature as well.

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+1 for process monitoring alerts to monitor specific processes

Hi @rubenvh filed that feature request for you just there :slightly_smiling:

+1 again for the creation of a specific process monitor

Thanks @barrywebb for your +1! Creating a feature request for you as well! :thumbsup:

Ditto here. Need it bad.

(Can we get it in Skittle™ flavors, too?)

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Hey @ross_x_mohan

I’ve filed that feature request for you just there. :rainbow:

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Hey Lisa - Is Process monitoring feature now available in New Relic? I see some discussions around this in this thread and some product feature requests were also created. Just curious to know if it is available.

Hi @Vinayak.Bodake

You can monitor a process while it is running as you can use the new alerts to enter a specific metric name. This allows you to monitor the metrics while they are reporting. However right now it’s not possible to alert on the process if it ceases at this point in time.

I can file a feature request on your behalf to add your voice to the customers who are interested in this feature. Would you like me to do that?

@acuffe What metrics (default or custom) can I used to monitor the process in New Alerts?

You can file a feature request too.

Hey @Vinayak.Bodake

You can use any consistently reporting metric to alert on. One you have the full metric namespace (I see on your account you extensively use Custom Dashboards) so you can use metrics like these to create alerts or you can use the auto complete in the custom dashboards chart creation tool to find the full metric name you need.

Alternatively if you’re looking for something specific you can of course ask us and we’d be happy to help located. Once the metric is consistently reporting, it can be alerted on. If the metric stops reporting for any reason, the metric doesn’t exist on the system and our system doesn’t alert on metrics that aren’t currently in the system.

Can you add me to this feature request as well pleaase


Done and Done! Thanks for letting us know you’re interested in such a feature.

Hi Aidan,

My Project (Federal Data Services Hub) is looking to implement a method of JBoss-as process monitoring. Do you know if any progress was made on this? If so, could you point me in the right direction?

Hey @snoor! I don’t have any news on this at this time but please feel free to participate in our poll above! Thanks! And I’ll be sure to pass your request along. :thumbsup: