Feature Idea: Creation of a button to shorten-able URL for NR1 Dashboards

Presently NR1 Dashboard URLs are formatted similar to this,


The proposal is to have the facility to create shorten-able URLs
to appear a little like this https://newr.cm/2KsjsDT

New Relic Edit

  • I want this too
  • I have more info to share (reply below)
  • I have a solution for this

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Looks like this hasn’t got much attention but this could also help with the character limit on dashboard notes panels. We use the dashboard notes to provide links to the dashboard with filters applied. With these long URLs we reach the character limit with a few links meaning we have to create more notes panels.

Maybe our case should be a separate issue but this would certainly help.

Hey everyone.

Could you please prioritize this feature request?

I know that we can use some external tools/sites/applications to achieve that but something that is signed by the New Relic doesn’t present security risks of sharing these links.



From the “dashboards” page, you can copy the link to your chosen board which is a much shorter url that the really long launcher one.
Looks like : https://one.newrelic.com/redirect/entity/YourDashboardUrlWillBeHere

Just having shorter names would be nice though!

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Another +1 from me!

  • To @darren.mcconnell’s point, not only are the current URLs extraordinarily long, the presence of [] brackets breaks auto-linkifying in tools such as Atlassian JIRA. I’d say this in itself is a blocker.

  • To @ricardo.marques’s point, I’ve resorted to using a free open-source tool called Kutt to shorten URLs in a pinch via browser extension. Not ideal but at least workaround-able.

Where I do differ is the URL format.

While I’m all for tiny domains, my primary concern is the URL’s predictability as that lends itself to robustness and accessibility. Previously, if I wanted to access an account’s APM page, I’d goto rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/<account_id>. Consequently, given an array of account IDs, I could generate a table of functional links, no problem.

Following the new UI transition, I’ve discovered a similar pattern for the URL to hit one.newrelic.com/launcher/nr1-core.explorer?platform[accountId]=<account_id>. As a result, like before, I can easily update my list of links within internal docs by simply replacing everything before the <account_id>. Robust design and inherently accessible, even if slightly longer in length.

An example where such a smooth transition did not occur is Alerts. Previously, I could read alerts.newrelic.com/accounts/<account_id>/policies/<policy_id>/conditions/<condition_id> and immediately know which account contained the alert as well as jump back to the policy containing the condition. This is accessibility afforded by a fully-traversable URL.

The current URL for this is one.newrelic.com/launcher/nrai.launcher?pane=gibberish-blah-blah-blah==&platform[accountId]=<account_id>. Not only do I have no context of alert policy/condition, there is no discernible pattern to allow URL traversal to conditions within the same policy, let alone different accounts. As such, I can no longer predictably store direct links to these within internal docs, thereby increasing friction to engagement. This is the same story with Insights dashboard URLs compared to NR1 links, even with the shortened redirect variant as per @kenneth.braithwaite’s example. Again, vital links I can no longer predict nor piece together. Absence of robustness.

Perhaps the ideal solution would take the form of a dedicated tiny domain combined with a contextually-aware URL format (similar to previous permalinks) which would somewhat compromise on the URL length in exchange for a reliable “breadcrumbs” structure that’s easily shared/understandable by others.

[As an aside, I’m surprised you’d float the idea of newr.cm before reserving the domain. While unlikely anyone’s gonna pick it up at $121/ €102/£94, domain squatters are an annoying bunch. Unless, of course, all this is a ploy to distract from the half-price nr.link :smile:]