Feature Idea: Cross account visualization for Health Maps

Currently, New Relic does not support viewing entities from multiple accounts in one health map view.

That means that, if we have a single host with the infrastructure agent reporting data to sub-account A, and an application with the APM agent reporting to sub-account B, there is no way to visualize that the app is running on the given host, on the “Related hosts” view of the healthmap.

That’s the kind of view we would like to have

Our specific use case, is that we have many hosts running docker containers (actually, orchestrated by Mesos Matrathon) and hundreds of apps running in those containers. The hosts all report to a single account, but the apps report to different accounts (We are using multiple accounts to organise our apps logically based on different departments) and it would be nice to view on wich specific host a given app is running.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, @tqi_raurora: You might take a look at the Workloads feature, which allows you to create a custom view of entities across multiple accounts.

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