Feature Idea: Customized Alerting Email Messages?

Hello, I’m new to the New Relic product that we are using and wondered if anyone has found a way to customize the alert emails? or if this is the correct area to ask for an enhancement?

We have a ticketing system that uses email templates, using certain words in the subject line or email body allows tickets to be placed automattically however with the way the alerts are setup now there is no way to customize what the emails say or their subject.

It would be great to customize these if possible.

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  • I want this, too
  • I have more info to share (reply below)
  • I have a solution for this

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

good one!

i am interested in doing this for the NR webhooks into Slack which are (in the words of one architect here, not mine) “ugly”. (And I know how the NR’ers like everything to look pretty and cool and nifty…)

Any way to format how the webhooked alerts appear in Slack?

Thanks JD for original post and hope you don’t mind the piggybacking on your idea…

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No problems piggybacking here, I’d be interested to see if anyone has any kind of thoughts on this. Thanks!

@jdwhitmoyer I put in a feature request for this on your behalf. If/when we implement this you should get notified!

@ross_x_mohan are you using new Alerts or legacy alerting? You can send a generic webhook to Slack that would contain whatever payload you like.


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@parrott Thank you I appreicate it!

@parrot Understand this, but…am stuck b/c I cannot find where in the custom integration path (i.e. for NR in Slack) that I get full access to the JSON message key/value fields so i can compress/simplify the incoming alert appearance.

example: I want to change the output from the default 5,6 line multi-format thing to a single line with content of my own choosing. Where do I access and edit this JSON

I opened a ticket with Slack, just in case they have some goodness to share…will keep this little chitchat updated if anything good happens.

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@ross_x_mohan you’ll need to setup a generic webhook instead of the New Relic branded integration. Slack is pretty particular about the K:V pairs you use, BTW. You’ll ned to use the key “text” and then put the entire payload in there. You can format it some, at least.

Once you’ve got that generic webhook for slack you’ll want to use a generic webhook from New Relic as well. For instance I have this webhook setup in my test account:

When I send a test notification to an instance of Slack I setup (also for testing purposes) it looks like this:

Does that help clear up what I’m suggesting? We can always open a ticket really quick and schedule time for a phone call if not. I’m pretty sure I know what you’re trying to do and can help you get it running. Just let me know

Ah, you’re with NR support. Good.

Yes, what you are saying is what I want. I don’t have any gripe with using Slack’s flavor of ‘markdown’.

However, where to get to this generic webhook creation template builder you show? – that’s what I am asking. All I want to know is where to set Custom Headers and slap in Custom Payload.

But when I do the SERVERS ==> Alerts ==> Channels and Groups ==> Webhooks tango, all I get is a vanilla, no option builder:


Thanks for offer of call/ticket, but just as soon handle it here in Forum so others can get at the goodness (and frankly, it’s not sufficiently critical to soak up support time, so discussion forum perfect…)


@ross_x_mohan That looks like the legacy alerting UI that you’re in. You’ll need to use the new Alerts tool in order to send a custom payload. I captured a gif of it anyway, just in case someone comes behind us and is confused.

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Doesn’t seem to be an option in this sub-account of our master account, although this appears elsewhere in other sub-accounts of the parent.




@ross_x_mohan and I had to move to a ticket for a couple things but I wanted anyone who comes after, as well as @jdwhitmoyer to not feel like we dropped off the face of the world.

There is a lot of interest in our new Alerts system! At this point, we have moved out of beta and have entered into a phased rollout with a waiting list. When Alerts is accessible on an account we’ll notify you.

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Sounds great, thank you @parrott


I am also looking for custom messages for Alerts. Is this feature available? I have integrated the alerting to Slack using the webhook but the alerting messages are not detailed and I wanted to add some more details. Please let me know.


Hang in there, @lkaravadi! Make sure that you get on the list and you will be notified when it is your turn to get these exciting new alerting features! Thanks! :blush: Really appreciate you sharing your use case as well.

Any updates in here ?
I also want to be able to add the hostname into the alert email body and second, it will be nice to have a Jira integration so I can add a ticket number to it.

+1 if this can support PagerDuty integration as well, with customized messages appear on both New Relic incident and PagerDuty incident.

I’d like to customize the subject of the email for status.io to accept the alerts.


Thanks for sharing your use cases here, @bmihaescu @oscar.tang and @codeandcovfefe !

Nothing new to share today, but thanks for voting and be sure to check back on this thread for potential updates. :blush:


i want to ask if this is available now? , i am looking for custom email messages for Alerts