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Feature Idea: Dashboards - Tag Costs and Amount Costs



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Hi, So i’m need to get Finance info and split by tags like environment and business owner, so all service that are tagged and non tagged need to be listed.

Another is: took all transactions that one APM application receives and divide by amount of money spent on aws.

Anyone could give some ideas?


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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hi there @ricardo1 -

Thanks for the great questions! We actually have a Level Up post all about measuring your AWS spend with New Relic. Have you seen this:

Let me know if that does not get you pointed in the right direction and we will work with you to get an answer.


Hi there,

In an implicit way, I can read in the post that you can’t group by tags in New Relic. You have to go all the way of creating budgets based on tags in AWS and only then, NR will be able to gather that data and just shows the information from the budget.

You need to previously create a budget for every possible value of the tag. That is not efficient if you have dynamic tags (ie. users) or a wide range of possible values.

Wouldn’t be nice to have an integration where I can dynamically allocate costs to tags?



Hi there @hector.valverde -

I can definitely see the value of what your use case! We don’t currently have a feature that would meet your need, so I turned this topic into a feature idea and will share with our product teams. If you have additional details you want to share, you can add them here as well. Our teams appreciate the feedback.


Hi @hross,

thanks for your positive approach. I am glad to read your lines.

However, I am maybe a bit reluctant as I don’t think my idea of having a more granular billing insight is new. I see it so evident that I would doubt it. The case is more special when you want to aggregate billing from multiple AWS accounts (about 20 in my case) but you are not the owner of the root account for consolidated billing. I was hoping NR was able to solve this problem for us.

In contrast, my first intuition was that there is actually some sort of technical impediment at the time to import the right AWS data to NR in order to provide such functions.

I might be wrong, I hope so. But I am happy anyway to see you could potentially address this request.

Best regards,


Hey @hector.valverde -

I did check with our engineers. I think this will be possible potentially with some tagging improvements that I see on the horizon but as of this moment, we can’t think of a way to get at what you are trying to do.