Feature Idea: Elixir / Phoenix Agent

Thanks for letting us know about your interest @pauljbarry3 and @tclancy I have gone ahead and created feature request for both of you

I’m also interested in Elixir/Phoenix support to use it on some projects!!

Thanks for letting me know, @odarriba. I have created a feature request for you as well. Check back here future updates!

My company is diving deeply into phoenix/elixir apps and we would love support for this as well. Could you please create a feature request for me too?

Hey @blakel! Thanks for letting us know that you are interested in seeing a Phoenix/Elixr agent. Please take advantage of our new poll above! (added as the first post for better visibility) and consider your request created! :thumbsup:

I voted a yes above as well. We are expanding our use of Elixir and I believe this would be a very useful feature for us.

We’re slowly moving all of our rails apps over to phoenix elixir for various reasons. If we don’t have solid support for Elixir and/or Phoenix it becomes a real struggle to diagnose any problems. We don’t necessarily want to spend our time on writing our own library for this. For us this is going to be pretty critical to our platform.

We are currently migrating our PHP / Phalcon applications to Elixir / Phoenix so interested in this feature as well.

I voted to request an official agent too. The lack of Elixir and Phoenix support on NewRelic is one of the main points against moving from Rails to Phoenix. Other solutions are available (statsd, prometeus), but require manual integrations.
Since AppSignal has launched an Elixir and Phoenix trial (https://appsignal.com/elixir), I really hope that NewRelic will do the same.

Also agree on the comment about the NewRelic Agent SDK not being ideal to work on the BEAM. Calling C functions from Erlang is dangerous and not a viable choice for instrumenting production.

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+1. Would be ideal to have a Plug based Elixir agent that also instruments Phoenix out of the box.

I want this too! I know my organization is heavily invested in Elixir, and we will do whatever we can to help.

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My department uses both Elixir and New Relic. This would be really helpful for our team!

Hey @fredrik_bjork, @ryan.stubblefield and @joe.grossberg! Thanks for adding your use cases to this thread. I will pas your input along to our product team. :thumbsup:

Be sure to also give an official vote at the top of this thread as a way of giving your +1 and adding to the growing number!

Thanks! and check back frequently for future updates!

We’re using NR to monitor our PHP/Java applications, as well as Mobile apps, Memcached, Redis and the fact that we’re looking for alternatives for NR for our Elixir apps is a really bad idea.

We would love to have our apps monitoring tool unified, a NR agent for Elixir/Phoenix would really help.

Thanks @bghatasheh. In addition to your interest, it would be great to get any feedback you have about what you need in this particular agent would be great. The more specific details you can share about your use case, the more useful this is for our engineers. :+1:

Thanks @hross , you can check one of our applications we’re monitoring using NR here https://rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/76938/applications/34801092

This is using a 3rd party plugin, which is a nightmare to compile and integrate, and doesn’t really give the insights we need, and most importantly, constantly crashing.
Currently this integration is missing:

  • Insights visibility
  • Service Map, we can’t link this application to our other applications
  • Code traces, there are no transaction traces or breakdowns of what’s actually taking time
  • No proper DB tracking, no queries
  • No external transaction tracking
  • Doesn’t work outside the scope of a web transaction, and needs explicit passing for conn struct to Ecto Repo calls.

Phoenix framework already has instrumentation built in within, Ecto repos can easily leverage log function to instrument queries.

Even a minimal agent, with minimal features is better than any 3rd party integration out there.

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Hi, can we get an update on this?

Is this feature request being discussed?

This feature/ addition is indeed being discussed, @tomp_r! Thanks for checking in—I don’t have any new news at this time, but I will pass your interest along to the people looking into this. Please also vote above! Thanks! :blush:

Thank you for the update @Linds! Yes, I already voted.

The organization in which I work is a committed NewRelic user, and we value the consistency and synergies that come from using the same tooling and reporting across the board.
Having an official Elixir and Phoenix agent would definitely be a welcome addition.

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Hey @tomp_r - thanks for voting and checking in. If you have any particular feedback about how or what you would want instrumented in this agent, that would be very helpful to our engineers.