Feature Idea: Facet linkage support for FACET CASES

We are using facet cases in Insights for filtering. When will this feature be available in NewRelic One?

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

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Hi @johannes.ruopp

I don’t know if facet linking is on the short term roadmap for New Relic One, but I’ll get your interest in that logged here internally :smiley:

Would really appreciate the ability to filter by FACET cases as well, especially since filter FACET already works so well.

My usage is to render throughput broken out by hosts usage of specified types: IAPPs and OAPPs. The query is as follows:

FROM Transaction
  SELECT rate(count(*),1 minute)
  FACET cases (
    WHERE host LIKE '%IAPP%' as 'IAPP',
    WHERE host LIKE '%OAPP%' as 'OAPP')

Unfortunately, none of the dashboard filter options appear, as per the screenshot below.

Out of interest, is there any workaround for this at the moment? I tried the filter() approach as well without any luck either:

FROM Transaction
    filter(rate(count(*),1 minute), WHERE host like '%IAPP%' as 'IAPP'),
    filter(rate(count(*),1 minute), where host like '%OAPP%' as 'OAPP')

Understood! Thanks for sharing your use case. I can definitely get this added to your request for facet cases linking support.

As for workarounds, I think your filter query works. At the end you can add FACET host that may get you close to what you are looking for.

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I might be misunderstanding you here but that doesn’t seem to have worked, as shown below:

I’m looking for just the 3 entries: Oapp, Iapp & Web with which I can filter the dashboard. Link.

Ohhhh right! yes, I see.


SELECT rate(count(*), 1 minute) WHERE host like '%IAPP%' OR host like '%OAPP%' OR host like '%WEB%' FACET host

In this case you should get a bar chart result, but it will facet by all returned hosts, not your 3 groupings of hosts.

I don’t believe that will be workaround-able until the solution for FACET CASES linkage is available.

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Sad to hear it’s not possible, but thanks for confirming.

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No worries @rishav.dhar - Hopefully this is brought in soon :crossed_fingers:

Note for @johannes.ruopp && @rishav.dhar

I have moved this to a new topic for the feature idea with the feature poll added too. Feel free to vote here :slight_smile:

This is currently supported in NR1 plus some extra magic. Now it supports multiple cases and a combination of cases with no cases facets.

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Thanks for the update, that’s great to hear! Would you mind expanding a bit on the ‘magic’, especially no cases facets?

Following on from my earlier post in this thread, this recent development is super-close to meeting my use-case. I’m just looking to display the unique count of each type of host which have the following naming conventions: __WEB, __xWEB, __OAPP & __xOAPP. Using Facet Cases, I’m looking to filter the dashboard using these cases.

So far, my current workaround solution looks like this:

FROM Transaction
    filter(uniqueCount(host), WHERE host LIKE '%WEB%') - filter(uniqueCount(host), WHERE host LIKE '%XWEB%') AS 'WEB',
    filter(uniqueCount(host), WHERE host LIKE '%XWEB%') AS 'xWEB',
    filter(uniqueCount(host), WHERE host LIKE '%OAPP%') - filter(uniqueCount(host), WHERE host LIKE '%XOAPP%') AS 'OAPP',
    filter(uniqueCount(host), WHERE host LIKE '%XOAPP%') AS 'xOAPP'
  SINCE 2 hours ago
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Somewhat long-winded, but gives me the exact output that I’m after. Unfortunately, they can’t be used as dashboard filters, which really limits user-interactivity.

Alternatively, this is my attempt at an updated solution:

FROM Transaction
  SELECT count(*)
    WHERE host LIKE '%WEB%' AND host NOT LIKE '%XWEB%' AS 'WEB',
    WHERE host LIKE '%XWEB%' AS 'xWEB',
    WHERE host LIKE '%XOAPP%' AS 'xOAPP'
  SINCE 2 hours ago
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While these cases can be used to filter the dashboard, I’m unable to display their uniqueCount() as in the previous query. Any suggestions on how I can make this right?

Thanks for your time.

Uniquecount cannot be with *, have you tried uniquecount of other attribute that might work?

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You’re an absolute :star2:!

Just amended to SELECT uniqueCount(host) and that’s rendering the expected output with the recent developments in Facet Cases.

Thanks once again for taking the time to support this request, I really appreciate it!

@rishav.dhar I’m delighted to hear you got this resolved! Can I just ask if this resolves this post you made as well?

I’d just like to link this post to that one as well so that any other user searching for a similar solution will find this easier.

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Thanks for the link, @nmcnamara, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to apply in this use-case. Here’s a screenshot of the query.

FROM Transaction
SELECT count(*)
FACET weekdayOf(timestamp)
SINCE last week

Notice the lack of options to filter the dashboard by Facet options. At this point, I believe this might be an edge-case that was erroneously missed during implementation. Though @sgaliano would have a far more accurate picture of that.