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Feature Idea: Fetch calls not appearing in AJAX reports area



I have a single page app using the New Relic Pro + SPA copy/paste implementation. We use the javascript fetch api almost exclusively for our calls and want to be able to track the performance of those calls. So i was happy to see that the SPA implementation now supports fetch, but couldn’t find much about it other than a bit on this page:

Single-page app monitoring: Fetch is supported for AJAX requests within a BrowserInteraction when using New Relic’s SPA monitoring.

I am able to see the fetch calls in the Page Views > Breakdowns section seen in this screenshot and permalink

but am not able to see the fetch calls in the AJAX reports area, seen here

Is there a way to get fetch calls to show up with the XMLHttpRequest calls in the AJAX report view? We obviously would like to see the same aggregate data for fetch calls that we are getting with the few true ajax calls we have.



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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

Duration of all pageviews which include calls to a certain domain

Hi Jameson,

I just wanted to follow up here since we closed out your ticket. I went ahead and submitted a feature request so that Fetch calls appear under the AJAX page as opposed to the breakdowns section under Page Views. As I mentioned we will contact you if and when the request has been implemented. Thanks again!


@jearl Any updates on this request to include Fetch calls to the AJAX page?


Hey @bhartz_ss!

We don’t have any updates to provide on getting those Fetch calls to appear on the AJAX page.

However, I wanted to point out that since Fetch calls are captured by default within a browserInteraction event when using the SPA agent, you can see all of this data both on the associated Page Views tab, as well as within Insights. For example, using the query below will return information on some of the AJAX requests exclusively collected inside browserInteraction events:

SELECT * FROM AjaxRequest SINCE 24 hours ago LIMIT 1000

You can also read up more on all the different attributes associated with AjaxRequest events in our docs here. It’s a great level of granular detail and combined with Insights lets you see the data that is most relevant to you.

Hope this helps! Let us know if you have any questions!


Is there an update on this?

We have just signed up to New Relic and found that our Ajax tracking is non-existent as we are using the now fairly standard Fetch API throughout our stack.


Hey @matthew.bate

Fetch requests are only recorded if they are executed during a BrowserInteraction event, which, by default (for the SPA agent), happens during the initial page load and any time the route is changed. Are your AJAX requests happening during either of these points?

We do have some documentation that talks a little bit about fetch request recording, which you can find here

The specific piece I’m looking at is this:

Single-page app monitoring: Fetch is supported for AJAX requests within a BrowserInteraction when using New Relic’s SPA monitoring.

I hope this helps!


Is there anything we can do to upvote this feature request?


I agree this would be nice to have.


Upvote! Pretty Please…


Hey folks - Thanks for the upvotes - I added a poll to this thread for you to vote on.

I also got those +1s filed internally for you :slight_smile: