Feature Idea: Getting alerts for a change in system as per new software installed

heyy, i am just getting synthetics requests, i want all the URL’s under my synthetics

I am doing it like this-
SELECT * FROM SyntheticRequest WHERE monitorName like ‘PROD%’ AND changedPath not like ‘%MODULES%’

Hey @Abhinav.Sharma - that query will return every request made during the synthetics check. Including every URL requested by the monitor.

Are you looking for only the primary URL’s hit by your monitors? Not all the other request URLs?

hey, man @RyanVeitch, sorry for the delay here. yes, you are right. i was looking for the same that you mentioned but I figured it out. Thanks a lot for your response.


I was going through the queries and I feel that there is no way to list out the email id’s that we have in notification channels right?

@Abhinav.Sharma - Alerts information isn’t sent to Insights for you to query by default.

While you can point the webhooks notification channels to insights to make alerts queryable, this is only incident specific information.

You will not be able to query notification channels.

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Yeah man, just visited some of the NR posts.
Sadly, but fine.

Thanks bud

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No worries! @Abhinav.Sharma - do let us know if we can help further

Hi @RyanVeitch,

For the above query, i want help in getting all the monitor name with their URL’s

i am using this-
SELECT count(*) FROM SyntheticCheck SINCE THIS month FACET monitorName, URL LIMIT max

But not getting the URL of each monitor name

Hi @Abhinav.Sharma - URL is not an attribute of SyntheticCheck. It is an attribute of SyntheticRequest.

Though, that will return the URLs of every request made by the monitor.

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Hi @RyanVeitch, i am getting timeout errors i scripted browser where the URL is loading fine. Any hacks? or tricks to overcome this?

TimeoutError: Page load timed-out (unable to finish all network requests on time)
this is the error

@Abhinav.Sharma -

The default Page Load Timeout is 60 seconds. It seems like your page is still loading some elements when the monitor hits that 60 second limit.

You can try increase that up to a maximum 180 seconds. See here:

$browser.manage().timeouts().pageLoadTimeout(ms: number)


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