Feature Idea: HipChat v1 API Deprecation—Use v2 OAUTH Room Tokens

Vote! | HipChat v1 API is deprecated - please use v2 OAUTH room tokens

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

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I can see that New Relic relies on a HipChat v1 API administration token (I’ve not tried notification only but in the Channel configuration it actually asks for an admin token!). I was surprised at this, mainly as v1 API is deprecated (https://www.hipchat.com/docs/api) and because admin token is completely unnecessary for just notifications!

It also means that we give New Relic and anyone with access to manage the alerts, full ability to send notifications to all of our rooms, not just the ones we want it to, and in the case of administration token, almost full access to do as they please with our HipChat.

It’s a blocker for us as we run multiple New Relic setups, one for each of our clients, and with the current setup we’d need to essentially make a token (potentially administrative one) for all our HipChat rooms visible to all our clients.

It would make it much easier though if New Relic implemented the V2 API with OAuth and just asked for a room token - that would be much easier as we could grant access to single rooms on demand, and allow us to revoke access to the room via HipChat if we ever needed to - it would show as an integration - it also means room owners can configure the integrations for their client’s New Relics rather than having to ask an admin.

See: (https://www.hipchat.com/docs/apiv2/auth)

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@jason_woods thanks for the detailed use case.

This was already on our radar, but it wasn’t fully clear how the Hipchat v2 api would be better than v1. The info you provided sums it all up :smile:

I’m not sure how soon we’ll get to it, but I’ll definitely put it on the backlog.

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Hey @NateHeinrich , sorry to jump on the wagon, but I am curious if we got around to implementing v2 api integration with Hipchat?

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@vipin not yet. You’ll have to hang on a bit longer. We’ll be addressing this soonish though. While doing the v2 work we also plan to help out the on-prem HipChat server folks too.

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@NateHeinrich Has there been an update on this yet or an eta?

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Hey @atrace - I’ve checked this out with our teams and there isn’t an update right now. I’ve gone ahead and submitted a feature request for you for this update.

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Hi @NateHeinrich and @Lisa ,
I’d also like to see this progressed as soon as possible. At this point we’re blocked from being able to do this integration because the “powers that be” in our organization are reluctant to hand out admin tokens.

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Sure thing @kenneth_leung! I totally understand—I will add a feature request for you right now! :thumbsup:

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I have noticed that people have asked this question over a year ago. Has it ever been implemented? Does it mean we can really no longer connect HipChat with? I have no way of accessing v1 API.

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You should still be able to access the v1 API. From https://{YOUR_INSTANCE_NAME}.hipchat.com/admin click on API

You’ll be asked to confirm your password but then be presented with a screen that will allow you to generate a v1 API token.

I hope this helps everyone!

Hi @parrott

That is not an option for us as internal policy prevents us from giving admin API token as it allows far too many permissions to the token.

Extremely disappointing this hasn’t been updated as we either do not use the integration, or completely breach employee privacy since anyone with admin access in New Relic can then access the entire HipChat API for the entire company.



I completely understand. At the present time using the v1 API to integrate with HipChat is the only available option. Any updates about the progress of a new HipChat integration will come loud and proud and I’ve passed on information about why this is blocking you to the product management team.

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Hello, would also like to add a comment to hopefully push this feature request quicker to production. Our team is facing the same issue as our internal policy prevents us from distributing admin api tokens.

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Thanks for pushing for this, too @Hao! Please participate in our poll above!

I’m trying to integrate New Relic alert notifications with HipChat—not directly call the API. I see this is a long standing problem—so what other work-arounds are there? Is there a way to create a custom notification channel?

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There is no way to create a custom notification channel at this time, @ddownie! Thanks for letting us know that you are also looking toward this solution. Please vote above and I’ll pass on your use case to our product team. Thanks!

I was able to use the workaround of a V1 API key. I would prefer to use a more restricted key such as what the V2 API enables. Already voted above.

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Has there been any movement on this?

Hey @sharrington! Movement, yes. Completion, no. Check back with us and be sure to vote above!