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Feature Idea: How do I set up predetermined time windows when our configured alerts are inactive?



Official maintenance window support is currently on our roadmap. You will be able to define windows of time as well as resources that will be participating in the maintenance period.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

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Related question: How about a manual approach – is there a NR “Easy” button to turn off all alerts with one click manually while we do deploys? (And turn it back on when done)


Hi Ross, currently the only manual approach is to disable the conditions that are targeting the resources going under maintenance. We have some APIs coming out soonish which could help here.


Hi Nate,

Thanks, if the API changes will expose some alert-mgmt. functionality, this sounds like exactly the ticket. Two follow-on questions: Any way to put rough time bookends on what “soonish” means and Is there anything we can do with the NR tool currently available (i.e. over and above manually de-/re-configuring alerts)?



We have set aside a good chunk of time for APIs this quarter (for the new alerts). We’ll be releasing read-only end-points first, then as soon as we can afterwards create, update, delete.

I can’t really say more than APIs are a big focus this quarter.


Is there an eta for maintenance windows?


Hi @atrace, unfortunately I don’t have an eta for you.

What I can tell you is that this is high priority for us in the Alerts team and we want to get to this as soon as possible. Again, I’m hoping we can get the API out soon so those that are feeling the most pain not having maintenance windows can at least set up scheduled jobs to disable and enable conditions programmatically as a temporary workaround.


@atrace @ross_x_mohan I’m delighted to announce that New Relic now has a full-featured Alerts API. Be sure to check it out in our API Explorer.


I see this has been mentioned a few times May of 2015 and another one in Dec 15 but that had to deal with the legacy alerts. I would like to also ask that a feature for putting alerts into maintenance mode , app , server , etc - is this still on the road map as this is a must have…




Can I also ask a Forum moderator to merge all of those posts together into one place so the team knows how popular a request this is.


@stefan_garnham - great idea, we’ll need to review them this week. Some of the analogous postings are for Synthetics, etc. I’ll need to figure it out.

@stephen_fitzgerald We’ll get a feature request added in for you. :slight_smile: I can’t speak to the roadmap but I can promise you that this is in front of our product managers. :slight_smile:


Hi, I would like that it’s possible to ignore alerts on a daily basis during a certain period. In the night we do all our heavy automated jobs like imports, exports and backups. This causes a high load on some servers/applications. During this period I would like to ignore certain errors because I know the cause and also that it doesn’t have an impact on the users. Therefor I would like to be able to set per alert a certain period in which in may be ignored. Thanks.


Hi there, we totally agree! Maintenance windows are on the roadmap and we want to get them in your hands asap.


Done. Also to let you know we do have an internal system that we add all of these requests to (including the simple “+1”) so even if they’re not all together here - the team does know. :slight_smile:


Any update on when we can expect this feature?

We also need it for some Azure VM’s that are only running during office hours.
Currently we need to disable downtime alerts because otherwise we would always get alerts.


Hi @yannick.geelen - No update yet. However, I am moving this post over to our feature idea area, where our forum moderator, @Linds, can create a poll for others to add interest for this type of functionality.

Once there is an update, we will update the release notes.

Thanks for your interest and bringing visibility to this post!


Thank you @sread, please post the URL here of the poll when available.


Hi @yannick.geelen - The poll has been added to the top of this thread. Thanks for casting a vote.

How to remove azure VM node from new relic

Hello. Is there any ETA for this really important future ?


Hi there @peter.benedikt - unfortunately, we can’t release timelines for features, which I know is frustrating, and I apologize for that.