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Feature Idea: How to create automated email reports from dashboards?



The data in dashboards only stays for 14 days by default.
–> I would like to schedule a automated email / reporting every 14 days to capture the data point for the last period - is that possible?
–> If not, is it possible to link it to a google sheets / data extraction tool?

Thank you

New Relic Edit

Please see this thread for Feature Idea Poll:

We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

Feature Idea: Error reports to mail

Hey @raphael.daverio - Thanks for posting here - automated email reports from insights is not currently possible. Additionally it is currently not possible to auto-link dashboards to another tool.

I’ll get this feature request filed internally on your behalf though. And I’ll add a poll here for others to vote on


Thanks Ryan! This would be a real gamechanger!


You’re welcome! I totally understand the desire for such feature :smiley:


@raphael.daverio - I was just informed by @stefan_garnham that there is another Feature Idea poll in the community for this, so I’m going to see about closing this current poll or merging this thread into that one. To keep everything a little more organised.

Can you go ahead and vote in that other thread’s poll

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split this topic #7

A post was merged into an existing topic: Feature Idea: Generate and email PDF report from insight dashboard