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Feature Idea: How to increase the limit value in the nrql query


Hi Folks,
how to increase the limit value 1000 to max value in the query.
FROM NrDailyUsage
SELECT min(timestamp)
AS ‘Earliest reporting day’,max(timestamp)
AS ‘Latest reporting day’
FACET apmAppName,hostId,agentHostname,consumingAccountName,consumingAccountId
WHERE usageType=‘Application’
AND productLine=‘APM’
SINCE 1 month ago
LIMIT 1000



Hey @tharun4ru -

It’s not possible to increase the limit beyond 1000 right now. A potential way around that right now is to query a shorter timeframe, maybe 2 weeks instead of a month to bring the number of rows below 1000, then collate that data with another query returning the previous 2 weeks.

I have moved your post over to the feature ideas space - where I have added your +1 internally for this feature update. You can also vote on this feature over here: