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Feature Idea: Infrastructure agent should run on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS



Well, this is bizarre. It honestly didn’t even cross my mind that the latest LTS release of the most popular Linux distro wouldn’t be supported by NR Infrastructure on day one…let alone almost six months later :open_mouth: When I went through the installation instructions and didn’t see 18.04 listed, I assumed this was because the instructions hadn’t been updated — not because it wasn’t supported!


I’m wondering if New Relic’s business model has changed from its original infrastructure / app monitoring focus. Since New Relic offers so many different new services, I wonder if infrastructure monitoring is no longer a priority for the company? Thanks.


I would agree I wonder if they have shifted focus. We just moved our infrastructure monitoring to NR and have noticed there’s small things that are missing that should have been developed awhile ago.


Can we make a case for this being a high priority bug, not a feature that sits on a roadmap in the distant future.

Not supporting the latest stable LTS release of a very popular distribution for months is not really compatible with the vision sold by NR Infra :frowning:


Hi @daniel.bergamin,

I am Ramon from the Infrastructure PM team. Thanks for your input and we completely understand your disappointment. This is already very high priority in our list and we expect to deliver official support in 4-8 weeks.

In the meantime, customers have had success installing the agent for Ubuntu 16 Xenial by following the instructions here.


Looks like it is available now:


Good find!! Assuming an official announcement will be coming soon.


Just found that the doc has been updated here :


Hey everyone, @pmac72, @austinorth, & @work are right.

18.04 is now supported by the Infrastructure Agent, installation instructions can be found here:


Hi everyone, we’re happy to announce official of support for Ubuntu 18 (finally). Thank you for your patience in waiting!



The documentation on the install page within the Infrastructure interface has not been updated:[account_id]/install


Thanks for letting me know, @patrick_mulvey! I will look into updating this right now.