Feature Idea : instrument .NET Core in the .NET Framework agent

ASP.Net Core could be hosted within a windows service(Microsoft doc), in that case, the .NET Core actually run on .NET framework.

According to the reply from this post, the .NET framework Agent does not intrument .NET Core.

We do not currently support .NET Core running on .NET Framework. Currently we support .NET Core running only on .NET Core 2.0.

This configuration causes the .NET Core code to run through the .NET Framework CLR so your application will appear in the Framework Agent’s logs but we do not currentlyinstrument .NET Core in the Framework agent so no transactions will appear.

So here I raise the idea : instrument .NET Core in the .NET Framework agent

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  • I want this, too
  • I have more info to share (reply below)
  • I have a solution for this

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Thank you for adding your use case and idea here, @jerry.wang! I have added a poll so the rest of the community can join in and show their need for this addition! :thumbsup: Thanks!

Hi there,

Sorry for the late post. We added support for this in May: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/release-notes/agent-release-notes/net-release-notes/net-agent-817120

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