Feature Idea: Is it Possible Set a Scheduled Maintenance Window?

We have several applications where we schedule app pool recycles every night around 2AM. Is it possible to configure or script Synthetics to pause between 2AM - 3AM, so no alerts are triggered during that time?

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hi @bryan_radtke - this isn’t possible right now. We have a feature request thread on here that our engineers have responded to:

I will also add your request to send to the product managers.

Any update on the maintenance windows? It looks like it has been several months with no update? Is this now possible? If so can you give us a link to the instructions? If not when should it be available?

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No update yet, @RVRon! I don’t have a timeline to give you right now but I will pass your interest on as a feature request. :thumbsup: The more voices my product managers hear about this, the better!

This definitely is a feature that we could use at our organization since there are scheduled downtimes every week.

I have not seen any update after Apr 30th, Please can you provide an update on the same

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hey @Kiran_Tanikella and @RVRon

If you’re using Synthetics pro, you can do this using our API


Our use case is similar but a bit different:
We are running daily backups and that produces significant disk IO.
This produces Server alert every night.
I guess this kind of need for a feature is quite common.

Thanks, @timurb1, for providing your use case. I have created a feature request for you and will pass along your input to our Product Team.

Thanks again!

Not natively but easy to implement in the code.

Just check time of day when firing. Assert success if between 2 and 3am, otherwise run the tests.

Note, you’ll still be charged credits for each of these dummy probes but you’ll not get false alerts.

Another side effect to be aware of is that your timing graphs will suddenly show a near-zero response time for the given monitor. Depending on how you consume synthetic data, this may or not be a problem.

Given a synthetic can only pass or fail, you might want to think about using $util.insights.set to add extra metadata to differentiate between success due to being in an outage window or success due to running a correct test. This kind of data is really useful when building business dashboards in upstream systems.

If you’ve got lots of monitors and outage windows to worry about, you could always extract this kind of outage data per monitor / account into an external API and call that directly from the monitor to work out “what’s my outage window”.

Lots of different options in this space depending what kind of scale you’re operating at and how much you want to abstract and automate.


Is there a scheduled release date for this?

Not right now, @arron.hyman Please be sure to add your cote in our poll—I’ll be passing your interest in this along to our product team. Thanks!

No ETA on this feature request? It’s been over a year now, I suppose this is not a high priority feature then.

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Hi all - I still can’t confirm a specific delivery date, but I can share that it is definitely coming. Sorry that I can’t be more specific than that right now. As soon as we know more, we will update this post.

Any other updates?

I’d also like to confirm how this will work. We are looking at using NewRelic Synthetics to report SLAs to customers, and I need to confirm if we can schedule maintenance or disable the monitors without affecting the SLA reports. This would seem to be a very common contractual item (unscheduled downtime affects the SLA, scheduled downtime is excluded from the SLA / does not affect the SLA.)

If the answer is to just disable the monitor - how does that affect the SLA reports?

Hi @justin_spies

Right now you could just disable the monitor between specific hours. An Alert policy can be enabled or a Synthetic Monitor disabled using API calls

our API site, api.newrelic.com can help you build these API queries to enable and disable a policy or monitor. It then would be a case of triggering them before and after your maintenance.

If your maintenance is scheduled between 2am and 3am, you could run a cron-job to disable the alerts or monitors, to run at 2am and 3am

Something akin to

0 2 * * * /path/to/script/to/disable-for-maintenance.sh
0 3 * * * /path/to/script/to/enable-after-maintenance.sh

Execute a Curl to disable the monitor in question, then enable it at the end. This hopefully is an option to help you achieve this goal until such time as this is a feature of the product.

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Hi Justin,

I am the product manager for Synthetics and I can fill in the details you’re looking for here. Maintenance windows will allow you to specify one-off or recurring windows of time and an associated list of monitors. During the maintenance window, all monitors associated with that window will be automatically disabled. They will not run, trigger alerts, or produce any data. Because these monitors will not be contributing any data, they will not adversely affect your SLAs during the times that they are disabled.

I hope this answers your question. Please feel free to post again if you need any clarification or hae any more questions.

Thanks and be well!


Any update on where this feature is on the roadmap?


Its amazing that this feature hasn’t been implemented yet.


At our end where we run 100s of monitors, this really helps when we do a global maintenance every quarter.

Is there a status update on this request for maintenance windows in synthetics?