Feature Idea: Is it Possible Set a Scheduled Maintenance Window?

@leozu - I’ll get your +1 added here :smiley:

+1 on this. But it needs to be for ALL alerting types, not just Synthetics, give us APM and Infra too. C’mon product team, this seems to be a highly requested item over the last several years and would drastically improve your product/alerting and eliminate the false positives seen from server and app recycles…we have specifically singled this out as an issue with your product, is we recycle overnight then get a flurry of alerts, that we just end up ignoring, yet our alert inbox is filled with all of these false positives that quickly close. Sometimes an actual alert can get lost because we ignore most things that trigger overnight during the recycle period. Seems like a quick fix too that would give us much better piece of mind so that every alert that triggers is actionable.

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Hi, @jgimpleman: While you wait for this feature, a workaround is to use the REST API to disable certain alert conditions at the beginning of your maintenance window, and re-enable them afterward.

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@philweber while I appreciate your reply here, that is simply way too difficult to maintain/manage when it is a nightly or weekly event. We shouldn’t have to script this occurring before and after, it should be inherent to the product design, hence the purpose of this feature request. Thanks for your input, though.

Yes, I am not suggesting that the feature is not needed. Just providing a suggestion for how to deal with the situation as it currently exists.

And my response to that, while again I appreciate you trying to help, is running scripts before and after every nightly recycle event just for the purpose of not seeing the false positives appear is unfeasible for us and likely for those other individuals who are also requesting it, you’re talking scripts that would have to be run before and after every night at that time just so these false positives no longer propagate our inboxes.

For every alert, make a little checkbox that says “Set Maintenance Window?” you check it off, then can set a daily or specific day timeframe in which you would not like for the alert to trigger. Seems like a small feature to implement that would have a big impact on how New Relic does alerting, the primary purpose of the system being to detect actionable events. It’s already in beta for Synthetics, I ask why not for every single type of alert? Hope my company’s use case helps to demonstrate the need for this feature, thanks.

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Hi, is it possible to give an estimation when this functionality of ‘maintenance window’ is going to General Availability (from Private Beta)?

Is that this year? Or Q1 2019? What is the goal of New Relic? Can you give an indication? Thanks in advance. BR Michael

Hi folks! I am thrilled to announce that feature ideas are here!

Thanks to you all for your helpful ideas and insights as we got this feature up and running.


Thanks! I already using this feature. Thanks again.


Great news for Synthetics, are there any plans or timeline to introduce this feature to all alerting types? Our use case is really based more on APM/Infrastructure alerting than Synthetics, with the goal being to eliminate false positive alerts that occur overnight when timed events occur, and only have actionable alerts so when we come into work in the morning, our inboxes are not flooded with these false positives from APM/Infra that trigger when these regular events happen. Thanks.

Hey there @jgimpelman - we do have an existing feature idea for maintenance windows on Alerts:

Nate is our PM there and he has commented that they would like to implement but it’s not on the near term roadmap. We’ve been rolling out lots of updates to Alerts lately, so they have definitely been busy.

That said - be sure to add your voice over there. I know sometimes these things simmer for a long time, but specific use case details and many voices really do help raise the visibility.


Thanks @hross I’ve added a +1 and comment to that thread there. Hopefully it appears on the roadmap soon so that we can avoid all the false positives we see overnight. It’s a daily annoyance for us, otherwise we really enjoy using the New Relic product.


Hi Is there a way to generate a maintenance window with the infra alerts? For now I have seen some for Synthetics. Thanks in advance.

Hi @angelica.ortega1 - Right now no - Synthetics has maintenance windows however regular alerts does not have this feature.

Feel free to vote and add your use case here:

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If anyone (like I was) is still looking for how: Have a look here: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/synthetics/new-relic-synthetics/using-monitors/monitor-downtimes-disable-monitoring-during-scheduled-maintenance-times

Thanks for sharing that @shaun.boyce - that relates to New Relic Synthetics, which does support maintenance windows.

The Alerts team are though working on a maintenance window solution for all New Relic Alerts. I have no dates to share on when that is coming, but it is something we’re working towards.

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It’s over 2 years later and we are waiting for the expanded maintenance window. Lack of this feature renders my infrastructure alerts more than useless, they are a nuisance.

Hey @PPrimmer - Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I just got back to you on your other comment, that relates similarly to this one;

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Hi Everyone - Just a quick note to say that we have launched Alerts Muting Rules - allowing you to stop your notifications during your maintenance windows.

Check out the docs here: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/alerts/new-relic-alerts/managing-notification-channels/muting-rules-suppress-notifications

We’re going to get this thread closed out now that Muting Rules are available, and we’re going to close the poll here too; feel free to ask your Muting Rules questions in the Alerts Space: #support-products-agents:alerts

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