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Feature Idea: Is it Possible Set a Scheduled Maintenance Window?



Is there a date for implementation? My team think this feature will add value to the NR suite.



No news at this time, @michael.the and @tom.bosworth! Please add your use cases in this thread so our Product Manager @jmarcel can check them out! :blush: Thanks!


Go to SYNTHETIC -> click on SDT > choose time range > click enable SDT

Expected functionality Synthetic check will be disabled at start of time range, then re-enabled and end of time range.

We would use for our SLA maintenance windows. To remove human error - forgetting to manually switch off/on the synthetic checks.


Hi @tom.bosworth - Is this feature available to all? I know that the Synthetic Maintenance Windows were announced at Futurestack in London this year and I’ve been waiting for it since.


Hi Linds. Use case? The feature is for easily defining once or recurring “do-not-monitor periods”. For instance Maintenance Window that will start “Every Tuesday at 22:35 and run for 20 minutes”. NR will stop the monitoring at 22:35 and resume it 20 minutes later so that you don’t get any “expected notifications”.


Add me to the list of people wanting and needing this. I still don’t understand how a maintanence window functionality is not in the tool after all these years. How do other companies turn off hundreds of alerts every time they bring down something for schedule maint? Clunky API scripts?


Let me add my voice to this. Maintenance windows are defined times for which there is no such thing as “downtime” because they have been “defined” to happen. Nothing is down because it is a “planned event”. This seems obvious for a paid service since there are so many FREE monitoring software programs out there that have no bells and whistles.


I voted for this and would like to raise my voice that this really needs to be added. We can’t use this feature of NewRelic and have to pay for another service for uptime monitoring (site24x7) until this feature is live.


Thanks to everyone who has weighed in on this thread. This feature has been developed for Synthetics with plans to eventually expand it across all NR products. The Synthetics version is currently in beta. You can request access to that beta through your account rep who will walk you through a very short process to get signed up.

Maintenance Windows - allow scripts to run but not alert

It would be useful feature and think about it this is pretty standard offering for monitoring products these dates. Hope we can see this feature soon which make people like New Relic more especially those who got the beeper :slight_smile:


Will this thread be updated when this feature goes live?

Many thanks.


Hi @AndrewWalker - we make our best effort to ensure that the community is updated when a feature actually goes live.


Adding my +1 to this. It’s pretty necessary to be able to set a maintenance period to avoid false alarms and the resulting alarm fatigue.


This feature across all NR products would be highly appreciated from our end as well. We have maintenance periods quite often, however, with limited time-range. I saw this workaround but I don’t think it is a real solution because 1) it would require quite a lot of effort to implement, 2) it is hard to maintain.


Adding my +1 for this too. Incredible this hasn’t been implemented yet.


Yes, we love to see 100+ votes in the poll! I hope you were able to vote above, @james.davis !

Thanks for letting us know you are also interested. Please check back soon for possible updates from the Product Management team! :blush:


Hi there. I have just signed up for New Relic Synthetic and am very disappointed not to see this feature. Am having to look around at competitor products now.


Hi @Leigh.Ashton - it is available under Beta as stated in a post on this thread if you would like to sign up for it.


Hi @stefan_garnham, how can I request access to the beta version? I want to see the feature of maintenance window. Thank you!


As per the post linked, you can request access from your account rep.