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Feature Idea: Is it Possible Set a Scheduled Maintenance Window?



Thanks for sharing that @shaun.boyce - that relates to New Relic Synthetics, which does support maintenance windows.

The Alerts team are though working on a maintenance window solution for all New Relic Alerts. I have no dates to share on when that is coming, but it is something we’re working towards.


It’s over 2 years later and we are waiting for the expanded maintenance window. Lack of this feature renders my infrastructure alerts more than useless, they are a nuisance.


Hey @PPrimmer - Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. I just got back to you on your other comment, that relates similarly to this one;


Hi Everyone - Just a quick note to say that we have launched Alerts Muting Rules - allowing you to stop your notifications during your maintenance windows.

Check out the docs here:

We’re going to get this thread closed out now that Muting Rules are available, and we’re going to close the poll here too; feel free to ask your Muting Rules questions in the Alerts Space: #support-products-agents:alerts

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