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Feature Idea: Is it possible to add a runbook URL to an infrastructure alert?



Hi @RyanVeitch - My own view is that this is a bug which should be addressed as a priority. When delivering new features, there needs to be consistency with existing features. Runbooks on alerts is a standard feature for alerts. I am surprised that this was missed by the Infrastructure product team and was not prioritised for a quick resolution following the release of Infrastructure.

As it currently stands, this impairs the flow of information between systems or teams that are using New Relic alerts.


Hi, I’m a product manager with Infrastructure. I understand completely the request and frustration. It’s def a FR that feels more like a bug. If you get pinged, you want to make sure the person receiving the ping knows what to do or at least has some clues.

We’re reviewing our options on how to align features across the product suite and bring this functionality to our users. We don’t have a timeline at the moment, but I’ll try to get a reliable estimate.


This is definitely a required add for us…


Hi all,

I also noticed that there is no option to add a Runbook URL in the Infrastructure Alerts using the UI, so I tried to do it using the API calls and it Worked:

“name”:“Swap and Memory High”,
“runbook_url”: “”,

  "where_clause":"((swapUsedBytes/swapTotalBytes)*100) > 20",


Best regards all,


What API end point are you hitting and do you have any links to the API documentation that can help us?


Hi Elvin,

More information about the API requests for creating Infrastructure Alerts can be found on:



Hi All - To close out this thread, Infrastructure Alerts do now support Runbook URLs. :smiley:



Thank you!


:smiley: You are very welcome!


YOU ROCKS GUYS! It is really appreciate


You got it @leozu :+1: