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Feature Idea: Is there an API for "Monitor Downtime"?



Not yet! Scheduling muting rules to enable / disable at pre-set times is on the roadmap, but, that functionality is not there yet.


Only just noticed the replies. Muting rules won’t work for us as we use the synthetic statistics in reporting against our uptime. Having alerts trigger but muted would lower the overall percentage and look bad.


Thanks for that clarification @MWilliams3 - I know you mentioned you’re hoping to integrate into your CI/CD pipeline with this. If you are able to trigger an API call via your deployment tooling, it may be better then for you to disable the monitors and re-enable afterwards. With the monitors not running, they won’t fail, and your statistics shouldn’t be impacted.

Again, not ideal, an API for monitor downtime would absolutely be better for you - but maybe that can work for you for now.


I work for a large NR customer, we have thousands of NR synthetics and regularly need to add downtime windows. We have automation tooling for most tasks but this remains one of our dark areas where we have to manually add downtime during maintenance tasks, which is both time consuming and error prone. It would be a great value-add if this feature was implemented.


Thanks for adding in your use case @jessup - this kind of info is crucial in our feature ideas for the development teams to understand demand for these features. I’ll get this added internally for you :smiley: