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Feature Idea: Manual Color Control



I’m building a dahsboard to examine kanban activity and different cards have colors with specific meanings. With the current dashboard I have a chart faceted by card type, but the Yellow category cards show up as the color blue and Green category cards hows up as red, etc.

I need a way to specify the color of the graph elements to align with specific facets.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

Timeseries graph color

Hi cdhunt,

I work on Insights. We don’t yet provide the ability to use custom colors on the charts. It’s a feature request we’re already tracking but I don’t have a timeframe for when we’ll start on it. I’ll share this use case with the team - it’s the perfect example of needing this feature.

We’ll post back here as any updates become available. Thanks for posting.


Could you “tag” values in the Explorer view with certain color preferences? That way they always show up with meaning full color representations regardless of the visualization.


Hi Christopher,

That’s an interesting idea. This is definitely a feature where figuring out a usable UI for it is the hardest part. Thanks for the suggestion - the Explorer might be a great place for that. I’ll share this with the team, too!


+1 for customisable color schemes in Insights dashboards. Building a NOC wall and it is very difficult to read some of the text / see the lines in graphs.

Also, ability to change text size for legends, add custom units etc


Hi @deccos,

I added a request on your behalf to our product team. We will reach out if/when these features are added. I can’t promise anything in terms of timelines but we do take these requests seriously.

Thanks for taking the time to improve our products!


Hi, is there any progress on this request ? Ability to change colors on Insights graphs would be really useful to differentiate data on our NOC walls.


I don’t have news on this yet, @deccos—I will file a feature request on your behalf though! My product managers have an easier time prioritizing new features when there are more voices behind them. Thanks for adding your voice and input!


Were there any progress regarding this manual color control feature?



Hi @guilherme.ximenes - No news to report yet. I will add your voice to the request though. I know the product managers appreciate hearing from folks - it helps them prioritize.


Also interested in this functionality, which I don’t currently see in Insights. Would appreciate any information you may have on its current prioritisation.


This functionality has been prioritized, @brendan.arthurs! Thanks for checking in and letting us know you would like this functionality. Be sure to add your vote above and check back soon for updates! :blush:


Hello, any updates on this topic ? :slight_smile:


No update to share right now! Please be sure to add your vote and your use case, @maciej.przygrodzki! :blush:


We are using Insights Billboard charts to designate whether our dependencies are working or not. It would be nice to be able to set the color of text of the Billboard based on the dependency’s status. For example, if a dependency of ours is failing, we would set the text color to red, but if the dependency is healthy, we would set the text color to green.


I’d like this too, although some ‘smarter’ automatic colors would serve my use case - for COMPARE WITH charts, it would be great if there was a consistent color (or at least similar) color used for ‘now’ and ‘1 week ago’ data - using the dashed line for 1 week ago is great, but when tracking multiple overlapping values on a chart, it’s hard to see what ‘1 week ago’ value corresponds to a particular now value


i’m really looking forward for this feature as im using constants on timeseries to indicate warning and critical thresholds and i want them to be yellow and red.