Feature Idea: Manual Color Control

Hi, @atittle: FYI, this feature is now available in New Relic One dashboards. (Not manual color control, but consistent coloring of the same facet across multiple charts.)


@philweber Excellent news! I’ve been using NR1 a lot lately and I’m happy to hear it!


Manual color choice please! We currently can’t use the default “light” theme as the pastel colors nearly vanish.

It took hovering over each icon to notice that the crescent moon was “dark mode” - the charts where unreadable on a light background.


Hey @ihavener - Thanks for posting. I’ll get that info added to the internal feature idea. :slight_smile:

Just voicing desire for this as well. Colors are supposed to be for easy recognition of data, if they’re inconsistent between dashboards (for example comparing the same data in different environments) it defeats the purpose.

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Hi, @Daniel.Elsner: I don’t know if you saw my post above; colors are now consistent across charts in New Relic One dashboards.

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Hi, just wanted to vote for full customisable colours.

Here is a sample of some charts in the old style, colours are consistent (blue for this week, yellow for last week)

This is what it looks like in the new style, all random colours:


Hi @paul74 - Thanks for the input - I’ll get your request added internally. :smiley:


I am also looking to change the colors of bars in a bar graph?? Is this feature available in NR?


Not yet @Arpita.Choudhury - I’ll get your +1 added

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Any update on this feature?

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Manual colour control is not yet available - but, New Relic One dashboards show the same colours for the same facets.


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I’m using a filter query so this doesn’t help me (I don’t think). It’d be nice if it worked on the field alias (x AS y) but manual control would also work, can we expect it soon?

I’m not sure @thomas.payne - I don’t have visibility into the roadmap for this, but I’ll get your interest in this logged for you.

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