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Feature Idea: Metric Units in Graph



How can I add a label to the Y-Axis for Metrics in Insights?

The following graph should show if the Y-Axis is in seconds or miliseconds:

I tried the Syntax from but this does not have any influence on my graph.

I use

NewRelic.recordMetric(“Custom/SomeData[seconds|messages]”, diff)

and same Problem with

NewRelic.recordResponseTimeMetric(“Custom/SomeData[seconds|messages]”, diff)

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  • I want this, too
  • I have more info to share (reply below)
  • I have a solution for this

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hey @wingeier

In Insights there is a Data Formatter dashboard that allows you to configure the formatting for custom numeric values. One of the formats in this dashboard is for time durations, and has options for milliseconds and seconds depending on what you’re using. Try adjusting the value there and let us know if you still have any issues.

As for otherwise manually applying a label to the Y-Axis of a chart in Insights, that is not something that is currently possible in a NRQL query but would be great to submit as a feature idea.


@wingier - definitely fee free to add a Feature Idea to the Insights category if you would like to see this implemented. Thanks for sharing your feedback!


The Data Formatter is for NRQL Data, but i am using Metrics Data. So it does not solve my issue.


If have an additional question: Metrics Posted with recordResponseTimeMetric, does the graph always show the values as seconds? If so, there should be a unit next to the scale…

In many cases the user can not tell what the unit is, even we as DEVs can’t tell.



Hi @wingeier. Thanks for providing that context. It will not necessarily always report as seconds, but due to the y-axis scaling and typical response times, the majority of the time you will see it presented in seconds.

I will flag this page as a feature request to allow the controlling of the y-axis and update the Data Formatter for Metric Charts, which will be reviewed by our Product team.



This is not quite satisfactory. Very often the value can be “250”, which is either very fast (250ms) or very slow (250s). It is very difficult to figure out the scale. What are the plans on this issue?


+1 for this idea. Insighits + Custom Metrics without controlling units is quite useless cause graph doesn’t explain itself


Thanks @fgaule. If you have any other details about how you want to see this implemented, I know our engineers would appreciate it.


Here is an example where metrics are confusing when are displayed in Insights graph:

When the metric is 0.5, graph shows 500, but when its 1, it shows 1. Whe you have lot of values < 1, graph is totally confusing cause you don’t know if you have a real hundred value or is a < 1 being display as hundred value.


Ah Come on! Please fix this ugly Problem! :wink:


Is there a feature to vote on? I wanted to also add that this would be a very useful feature. The graphs can be confusing when trying to communicate with others since the axis is unlabelled.


Hi @aselamal - I went ahead and added the poll, updated this to the feature idea category, and logged this with our product team. I appreciate the extra feedback!


I am really disappointed that simple problems like this are not addressed at all! More than one and a halve years passed!
Your sales rep said you make 20+ deployments per day, but please also delivery to customer requirements and satisfaction! :rage:


Hi there @wingeier - I definitely understand that not seeing a request you want to see implemented is frustrating, and I’m sorry about that. We do indeed constantly update our products, but we also receive about 10 feature requests per week just on this site (not including the ones that are filed through support tickets and client meetings). We work hard to prioritize which features get added based on customer involvement, but when we prioritize a feature, it also means that we’re choosing not to do others at that time. In short - there are many more requests than we can actually implement.

I know you understand that as someone who works in software, but I also understand why you’re frustrated. If this is a feature you feel really strongly about, you can definitely work with your rep to raise its importance, and you can also raise the visibility of this post. When we hear from a lot of customers, it does help.


The fact that NR considers this as a “Feature Request” and not a bug report speaks volumes. Correct behavior is apparently not what we’re paying through the nose for.

Perhaps adding Y-axis labels is a new feature, but the basic problem (inconsistent/unpredictable numeric units) is a BUG. Data Formatter would seem to be the obvious solution to that, but its behavior for Durations is completely broken.