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Feature Idea: Monitoring for NFS volumes



Monitoring for NFS mount points
Not exactly sure why monitoring of NFS mounts is missing for out of the box, but it should be a basic option. Please implement it!

_If you know of a workaround, please jump in and let everyone know your temporary solution, otherwise please vote :blush: .

P.S. Request created based on NR representativeā€™s comments from Disk IO Missing for Drive - Windows Server 2016 - Azure VM

Infrastructure does not support NFS on Linux. Similarly, shares are not supported on Windows. The latter mostly has to do with permissions. The Windows service runs using the Local System account, which rarely has permissions on shares; especially admin shares (donā€™t even get me started on Samba shares). The server monitor for Linux does support NFS v2 and v3, but Infrastructure does not at this time. I would strongly suggest you add a feature idea to allow for monitoring of NFS volumes, or any other mount that is not currently supported by Infrastructure

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

Infrastructure Monitor NFS Mount

Hey @konstantin.nikitin! I have added a poll so that others can vote on this! Thanks!


How do I get NR Infrastructure to monitor/show NFS client mounts?

Using ubuntu 14.04LTS, New Relic Infrastructure Agent version: 1.0.898



Hey @tom.bosworth - Welcome back to the community! I am sorry to give you the news, but that is not supported right now (here are the docs). However, I moved your post to the existing Feature Idea, so please cast a vote and add any more details about how you want to see this implemented.


This is a show-stopper. NR Servers has this, but itā€™s going away this month and Infrastructure inexplicably canā€™t see NFS volumes.

All of our systems are heavily dependent on NFS mounts from a NetApp filer. The vast majority of I/O and storage is over NFS, so Infrastructureā€™s Storage tab is basically useless.

What are you going to do about it?


Hi @mmatthews -

I can certainly understand your frustration. What I can share is that this is definitely on the roadmap for Infrastructure. However, I canā€™t tell you when it might be available. The team knows, however, and weā€™ll update you here the moment we have more to share.


We need all mount points monitored now.
This is preventing us moving away from our current monitoring solution,


Thanks for letting us know this is a blocker for you, @dlamb!

I will pass your use case alongā€”please also be sure to vote in the poll at the top of the thread!



Found this post while searching for whether New Relic Infrastructure supports volume mount points. I was wondering if it still is the case that there is no support?


Hi, it is true. Still a lack of support for nfs mounts.


Hey @konstantin.nikitin - NFS volume mounts is currently not supported. Iā€™ll add your +1 to this feature. :slight_smile:


Hi , sometime back we ran into production issue and it was related to NAS ran out of inodes. Please let us know as soon as you introduce that feature so we can start monitoring it.