Feature Idea: .NET CORE / ASP.NET 5 (vNEXT)

Initial commit is here: https://github.com/stevedesmond-ca/NewRelic.NETCore
I got as far as it registering the app, but fought all afternoon trying to get transactions to register.
It looks like it’s the same async things the NR team are having trouble with.
Any assistance would be appreciated!

Any word on whether or not support is coming incrementally in Q2 as described?

Our quarterly mapping to real calendars is hard to parse, our Q1 is April --> June, Q2 is July --> September but when you say Q2, I think you’re asking about April --> June, true?

Anyway, our current roadmap has us completing the Async work over the next month or so and then a period of time devoted towards any cleanup that comes out of making Async the default mode and then working on what’s next, which should include ASP.NET, in other words, nothing imminent, which I know isn’t the greatest news.

On the upside, the .NET team has been super focused on getting a release out every 2 weeks as you can see here:


and so while it’s taking awhile to get to ASP.NET 5, we’re hitting almost every milestone that we put in place.

Keep watching the release notes and be assured that the team can’t wait to start on the ASP.NET 5 work.


Any updates on ASP.NET Core support? (latest version is RC2)

No update right now, @vsg24—I am happy to put in a feature request for you! Like @ajohnson said, it’s being worked on thoughtfully and thoroughly. Thanks for pitching in! Check back soon for possible updates! :blush:

Hi, is any updates on .Net Core support? We updated all our core and just waiting NR to update logging and monitoring which we using everywhere.

Just out of curiosity, how many people you have on your .NET “team”? Half?

Sorry for being so rude but this situation is ridiculous. .NET core is being publicly developed for more than a year, lots of big libraries and open source projects (means unpaid, free, not backed by any company) had releases for the beta versions, then the RCs and of course the 1.0 and you don’t even have a clue when you’re gonna support it. How come?

BTW: this thread started in November 2014!!

Would like an ETA of when this will be addressed - this is holding up reporting across our .net core applications.

Hi .NET users. I’m Greg, the new Product Manager for the .NET Agent here at New Relic. I look forward to reading your questions and comments, and participating in discussions.

Thanks for your posts @h0use, @rtodorov, @david.shorter!

Supporting .NET Core is important to New Relic and has been on our radar screen for some time. We have done research into what it would take to add support for .NET Core and learned that quite a bit of work will be required. As you can imagine there is a list of features we could add to the .NET Agent at any point in time. For now, we have favored working on other features before .NET Core support. We believed these features would have the biggest impact for our customers. Now that .NET Core has been officially released, its adoption rate will guide our planning on when to have .NET Core support available.

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Hi, is it possible to clarify when ASP.NET Core support will be available vs. .NET Core support? We are developing ASP.NET Core applications that are running on the Desktop CLR, not CoreCLR.

As I understand it, supporting ASP.NET Core is much less work than supporting CoreCLR.

Any ETA or roadmap on this? I want to use New Relic for a new dotnet core project but it is not compatible

I would also very much like an ETA, at least if its planned to be available in the next couple of weeks or month or if it won’t be available in 2016 at all?
Furthermore, is there a difference if the .net core project targets the full framework? (Our project is an Asp MVC project built on .net core targeting 4.5.2 hosted in Azure)

Forget guys, they just won’t do it anytime soon, they don’t care, we’ll need to find an alternative. Currently, AS IT’S VERY EASY to plug-in Middlewares and Filters on the new MVC stack, I built some very simple monitoring scripts to capture rps, load time etc using statsd+graphana. Still extremely simple but at least it’s something.

Good luck to you all.

Hey @taspeotis, @groov, @bjornbear and @rtodorov—thanks for pitching in! I am going to try and address all of your questions as best as I can.

Let’s talk timelines real quickly. The reason we have been dancing around the timing of Core support in this thread is because we generally do not share the details or dates of our roadmap publicly.

I know how frustrating that is, but this allows flexibility for change. We have high standards regarding our products and want to make certain that it is perfect by the time it gets to you. Unfortunately, when it comes to Core, there are a lot of decisions to make about how this will work with our existing .NET Agent—we are going to need your patience!

@bjornbear I can say with confidence that this feature won’t be available in the next few weeks or months. I am truly sorry if that is disappointing. I will be sure to add your voice and input about targeting the whole framework to the feature request being passed along to the product team.

@taspeotis I will try to get someone more knowledgeable about this to answer your question about ASP.NET vs. .NET Core support. What I can do is also add a feature request for you and @groov as well.

Finally, @rtodorov thanks for jumping back in here with your candid thoughts. I do want to make sure that you know: I care about this very much, and so does New Relic. Surely every one can appreciate and understand how much time and effort go behind implementing new features. I am glad that your monitoring scripts seem to be doing the trick for now.

This will be the first place I come to give updates regarding Core support so please keep checking back in! I am happy to try and answer any other questions—thanks again for your patience.

I’m afraid I have to side with @rtodorov. To be honest, and I do not like to use these words, it is a bit ridiculous (and disappointing, and troublesome) that support for .NET Core will not be here for months. .NET Core has indeed been announced almost 2 years ago and while I understand that you cannot (and should not) provide support for an alpha or beta framework, the Release Candidate of .NET Core has been available for 9(!!) months.

I understand there are probably tons of features on the backlog. What I just cannot get my head around is that supporting the new .NET framework has evidently been given so little priority that a release with support for it is still months away. More than 1 year after a first release candidate!

Please, I sincerely hope that you do incremental releases and start with support for the bare minimum of features. Maybe just some crude response times and error reporting. I know I sound like your typical customer (that I have to deal with daily) when I say “surely that should not take months to build!”. I don’t care for a full-blown release with support for every possible feature - start small please! Just give us some insights.

Hi Linds,
thanks for your answer (although I must say I was a bit disappointed).
My comment about targeting the full framework was more of a question rather than a feature request.

Is it possible to target the full framework from dot net core and reference the current .Net Agent and at least utilize custom errors, metrics and events?

That would not require any hook into the dot net core framework so it might be a way forward for anyone who wants to find a temporary way forward while waiting for your full dot net core release? I’ve been trying to do this myself, but haven’t been able to get it to work, but perhaps it would be possible with some assistance from you?

We upgraded our platform to .Net Core and now your APM service provides no value for us. If you do not plan to provide any support for .Net Core in the short term, will you allow us to back out of our contract so we can either build our own solution or look for an alternative?

Hello again! I wanted to quickly thank @razzie for contributing to this thread—I absolutely support you “siding with” @rtodorov, he has made a lot of valid points.

I truly do appreciate and am happy to hear all your candid thoughts on this topic. The more freely you express your reactions in this thread, the more of a case we make to the Product team for Core Support. @razzie, I will be sure to pass your input along as a feature request so that your need for this will reach the right people.

@bjornbear I’m glad you reached back out as well! Thanks for clarifying for me—I am sorry if I misunderstood before. I am going to have a dotNET Agent expert reach out in this thread in order to address your question about a possible temporary solution. Hang tight! and I’ll get back to you soon.

and of course, @quad, it is always a bad day when I hear that someone is being forced to abandon our services. We want to provide a quality product and I completely understand your choice to leave if it comes to that. If you would like, I would be happy to connect you with your Account Executive in order to discuss your contract and the options you have.

Thanks everybody! I wish I had great news at this time, but I will be in touch as soon as I can with any updates. Please feel free to use this thread as a place to suggest use cases, ideas and new features you would like to see as Core is being prioritized. :blush:

Hi Linds,

We too also want .Net Core APM support ASAP.

We used APM for nodejs and it works very well but we are sad that it doesn’t apply to our new applications which are based on .Net Core and running under Linux.

Would you please push the request to development as higher priority as lots of people want this?

We do want newrelic to be more powerful and keep on using it but if we cannot get this work soon, I am sure lots of people will seeking some alternatives or creating some tools by their own.

I would like ASP.NET core support also. Support on the desktop framework would be a good start. I understand dotnet core could be really complicated can of worms depending on platforms supported. Might be interesting to look at glimpse v2 as to see what stats they are pulling and from where/how they are capturing the stats.