Feature Idea: .NET CORE / ASP.NET 5 (vNEXT)

Dear NewRelic team, could you just publish NR Agent sources on GitHub as doing other companies and community will convert it to .Net Core.

We are corporate client of NR for many years, our sites is biggest in AEST region, we looking forward to use .Net Core platform … but all stopped because we using NR for monitoring. We have enough experienced developers to easy convert Agent into .Net Core platform by days, don’t push us doing reverse engineering of your packages.


Hey @Davis.Liu! Thanks for letting me know that you too would like to see Core Support. I will create a feature request for you right now. I am passing this straight to the top with the others.

@nsmith I am also passing your +1 along! Thanks for adding your voice and suggestion. And you are definitely 100% right about the can of worms! :bug:

Your thought and suggestion about opening up our dotNET Agent source on GitHub is something being considered, @h0use! Great idea. In fact, getting out an API / SDK option for you is a high priority over here. Thank you for suggesting it!

@bjornbear I haven’t forgotten about you! Because of your input, our engineering team is in the middle of testing the possibility of targeting the full framework. So to answer your question, for now I will say: maybe! I’ll be back in touch with an update as soon as I can.

I spoke with dotNET Product Manager @gkim earlier today in order to discuss all the action items that we currently have in place in order to speed up and prioritize Core support. Demos, testing, perfecting the API, possible SDK for customization, and more. We have even taken on more dotNET team members in order to really start cranking out the ideas we are receiving—so keep them coming! And even though I can’t share exact dates with you, I will be checking in often and providing timelines once they are solidified.

Thanks again everyone!

Hi Linds, is any progress with it?

Yes! @h0use Definite progress with the API. Should be able to open it up to all of you here soon, however, I am not comfortable sharing the timeline here just yet. (You know how things can change.) Stay tuned though! I’ll give an update on it here as soon as I can. :blush: Thanks!

We are looking for this as well. I hope to see it soon and can’t wait for the update!

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@justinp Thanks for letting us know your interested!

We’re waiting for this as well. It would be great to get a general time frame so we can do some internal planning, is it days, weeks or months away?

Hi @Linds , we keep waiting … can you share estimates with community, please. We all working in IT world where milestones is very important for business. We can not wait for ages for such simple thing as basic client for your tracking API.

Developing new features is important part, but not important as multi-platform support, especially for companies like NR.

Hey again, @h0use—still no timeline to share. I’ll tell you what though, our .NET Product Manager and all the other people who make the big decisions are meeting over the next few days. I’ll have @gkim come to this thread and update us all once more things have been set in stone. Hang tight! :blush:

And @mikael.tonnberg Thanks for pitching in! I will create a feature request for you right now. I don’t have a lot of insight into our roadmap at this time so check back again soon for an update. Thanks!

Supporting .Net Core is going to make or break whether we are able to stick with NewRelic or not. Really hoping to see a timeline soon.

@Linds : What happened to the engineering team that was supposed to test targeting the full framework, any news there? I truly hope that @gkim can provide us with some real info (and not just “Its prioritized”).
As ericgreen pointed out, this is a dealbreaker for keeping NewRelic. Being compatible with the latest version must be a higher priority than adding new features.

This thread was opened 22 months in November of 2014.
We are still seemingly still no closer to having any resolution or an indication as to an ETA.

You have a set of very patient customers here waiting for snippets of information other than it’s been prioritized. But that patience after 2 years is wearing very much on the thin side.

@gkim : We are looking to you for some guidance on what we can expect.


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I want to assure everyone that .NET Core is on our road map. We have been doing on-going work into supporting .NET Core. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be 2017 before we release .NET Core support.

I would like to learn more about your use cases for .NET Core. For example, are you planning to host on Windows/Linux? What web servers and frameworks are you using? We have not yet made a choice about whether to introduce .NET Core support for a few of the most popular use cases or if we should wait until many use cases are supported. Your input will help to guide us. For example, if many people are using a similar configuration, we might consider releasing an early version of .NET Core support that handles that particular use case while we continue to work on other use cases.


@gkim Could you please be a bit more specific? 2017 can be in 4 month or it can be in 15 (!) month.
Regarding the use cases, I would be surprised if not 99% of the use cases is fairly simple: Almost all new projects in the DotNet community will be written in dot net core. Its just a simple choice when you click “New Project” from visual studio, its the latest version, period. Developers wants to use the latest version of frameworks and libraries to avoid the extra work of upgrading later on.
For our organization most of our new projects will be written in dot net core but still target the full framework (since most libraries are still not ported), hence my question previously. Our projects are primarily asp.net mvc/api projects, and we want to monitor these application in the exact same way as we monitor our current projects. Some are hosted in IIS, some are hosted in Azure.
Trying to convince developers to start new projects in an old version of DotNet just because the monitoring tool we use is outdated is not an easy task…
Are you actually saying that NewRelic can not provide any type of monitoring for products using the latest version of DotNet (which has been around for over a year) and that you cannot say when you will be able to?


We have written some new applications from scratch and therefore target the Core CLR. We will host it solely on Azure.

@gkim We are hosting entirely in linux Docker containers. We are using kestrel to allow the containers to be self-contained but then using HAproxy as an external service to handle web traffic and load balancing to multiple application instances.

Thanks for the information, even though it is a bit further away and I would like but it is what it is…

Our usecase is both windows and linux self contained applications running kestrel behind a rProxy. If I only could choose 1 OS it would be windows since some of our customers only have windows servers.


I don’t know what’s the percentage of NR users using .Net agents but it makes me wonder why NR spent time and resources on supporting a language like “GO” as opposed to focusing on supporting the new version of .Net (.Net Core) which I believe it is a more mainstream and more used language.

I reckon every company that uses .Net will create all their new projects (web apps and APIs) using Core, no doubt about it. Therefore, If we don’t have support for Core, then using NR becomes obsolete.

We can’t wait forever and your .Net agents lose value every day as people move on from the “old” .Net versions, but I am sure you already know that.

Regarding usage, I guess the vast majority will be using Core on Windows VMs/azure/containers.

Hopefully you can come up with an approximate date, something like Q1 or Q2 2017 would be enough, doesn’t need to be a specific day.

Thank you

RCHUNG – this makes sense to me, but NR’s latest/greatest new product, Infrastructure Agent, was based on biz acquisition and it was written in Go, so natural evolution, both from product code and team/culture perspective.

@gkim, we are currently hosting our .NET Core application on IBM Bluemix (running onthe CoreCLR on Linux). Please let me know about ETA. Based on your answer, I will be able to make a decision to keep NewRelic or use look for alternatives.

Thank you.