Feature Idea: .NET CORE / ASP.NET 5 (vNEXT)

@gkim at a minimum NR needs to support ASP.NET Core on Windows.

My org is already looking at alternative APM solutions based on that requirement alone.

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I really want to use New Relic in my ASP.NET Core Apps :sob:

:sob: Oh no! Hang in there, we want that too, @AdrianB! Thanks for letting me know. Please make sure you vote in our poll above.

“However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented”
Is this a new stand? I thought you would be releasing in 2017?

@Linds I still haven’t hear anything from you or your engineering team regarding targeting the full framework. You said in August that you would get in touch soon.

I’m sorry to say that we are currently investigating the option to migrate to Microsoft’s Application Insights due to this limitation.

Hey @bjornbear—great question! I should have been clearer about the new process around Feature Ideas. We started adding polls/voting features and some expectations around all the ideas we get.

To clarify, we are still actively working on .NET Core support.

@gkim’s last update was about a month ago:

He is updating this community with all the updates he can—unfortunately it looks like there isn’t anything new to share at this time but I will reach out to him and see if he has any additions. @gkim will also like to know that you are currently looking for other options—thanks again.

Thanks, everyone, for the enthusiastic interest in .NET Core and ASP .NET 5 support. Your input is incredibly helpful!

We are actively working on support for .NET Core. As @gkim wrote, we don’t expect to deliver it in 2016. At the same time, we cannot commit to delivering support for .NET Core at all (although we definitely intend to and we continue to work on it) nor provide specific timing commitments. Earlier in this thread we wrote that we expected to deliver the functionality in 2017. That is true as an expectation, but it isn’t something we can commit to. Unfortunately we also cannot be more specific about our timing expectations.

@bjornbear - I’m sorry to read that you are considering alternative solutions, but completely understand. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on .NET Core support thus far.

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will be written in dot net core but still target the full framework

Doesn’t it mean that the agent will still work as usual? Because that only means using project.json and a few other details, which the NewRelic Agent don’t need to care about. At the end, the application still run on the same .Net 4.6 runtime.

Yes that would be awesome if it worked. It doesn’t :frowning:

Seems like anything running under Kestrel does not work, New Relic seems to have it’s hooks in IIS.

I agree with @taspeotis. The most common scenario at the moment is people migrating to Asp.Net Core but still targeting .Net 4.6. That should be the first thing to support, IMO.

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At the same time, we cannot commit to delivering support for .NET Core at all (…) nor provide specific timing commitments. Earlier in this thread we wrote that we expected to deliver the functionality in 2017. That is true as an expectation, but it isn’t something we can commit to.

This is absolutely ridiculous… really… how can you write something like this?

“We may deliver this in 2017… or not…” means basically “we don’t give a sh*t about it”.

I don’t know why I keep coming back to this post…


Wow… I can understand not having a precise timeline available, but to discount an entire year. I guess the businesses that are targeting upgrades to .NET Core/Standard in 2017 will definitely be looking for other alternatives. I mean, I personally don’t like Microsoft Insights for the Azure platform, but at least it works. You could potentially loose a lot of business if you don’t have a solution available until 2018.

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Thanks for pitching in here, @sumit I moved your post into this existing thread we have going for .NET Core conversations. Great questions, too! Would love to hear some input and answers to them. :blush: Cast your vote above!

I am very disappointed it has now been 7 months since the official release of .NET core (years since the preview releases) and still no word on release date for NewRelic support. I am in the process of moving our stack to .NET core and I would rather not add finding and integrating a replacement to NewRelic to my list of tasks.

I would like to echo the call from @h0use above to prioritise this or open source the code so the community can build it.

FYI: We will be hosting on Linux, possibly using Docker containers.


Extremely poor show, New Relic.

I’m very concerned that we’ve just bought into a platform that is unlikely to meet our needs in the near future as we follow the incredibly obvious upgrade path from .Net 4.6 to .Net Core. We already have one website that cannot be monitored and will shortly have a growing suite of converted APIs that will also need a different monitoring solution (Microsoft’s Insights, maybe?).

You really need to get a shift on and produce a .Net Core monitoring solution as soon as possible if you don’t want your installed .Net userbase to move to a competitor.

Maybe you could spend less time and money on your self-promotion FutureStack conference and more on hiring software engineers to actually improve the product?

P.S. How’s that Xamarin support coming along?


Can I just add my disappointment. We are currently using NR to monitor all the .NET (classic) applications in our platform.

However all new applications are being developed using .NET Core. We obviously did not consider monitoring carefully enough when deciding this move. A mistake! but I guess we just presumed this support would be there.

We have sunk too many months of development to change now, anyway in all other respects .NET Core and ASP.NET core are working well for us. So we may have to consider an alternative monitoring solution.

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Until New Relic gets this figured out, the only alternatives I have found are Application Insights and Stackify Retrace. I wish you guys would get this working! :unamused:

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Dynatrace support .NET core, though I haven’t tried it yet.

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Best get a move on New Relic… Stackify are going after your disgruntled customers:



I’ve also been waiting on this since beta, but we’re at do-or-die point and have to go with another solution for our new product.