Feature Idea: PING Tests For FTP?

Is there a way to use Ping tests (or some other tests) to check to make sure an FTP server is up and running? This is actually the only thing left to add to my NewRelic Synthetics tests before I can completely drop Pingdom.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

Currently our monitors only support HTTP and HTTPS connections. You’re not the first person to request ftp checks and it is technically feasible within our framework, but I can’t promise that we’ll be able to enable it. I can promise that, having filed a feature request for you, you’ll be informed in case we do end up implementing it.

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Just expanding on what @fool said: we’d love to add this feature and we will eventually, I just can’t commit an exact timeframe yet as we have a number of other features in line to get built. But I can tell you that we will likely first offer an FTP client alongside the HTTP client available in the “API Monitor” and then later we’ll build a UI that lets you do it for free as a simple “Ping Monitor”. As you can probably imagine, the UI to configure your FTP monitor is the most complicated part :smile:

Oh, an FTP client for the API Monitor would be great! Is there any way with some sort of low-level socket access I could do some checking there already? I’m not sure if you expose the low-level “net” module or not: http://nodejs.org/api/net.html#net_net_connect_port_host_connectlistener

We don’t yet, but I expect we will soon. You can see what modules we do support here:


Hi Chris - I’d like to pitch in on this. Being able to check uptime of services other than HTTP (specifically: SMTP and SSH) is what’s keeping us on Pingdom instead of Synthetics for now. Knowing that our site is available is nice, but if our users can’t receive mail, we’re still dead in the water. We can add a bunch of health-checking scripts which are then pinged by NR, but having to do that is exactly what we’re trying to avoid by outsourcing the uptime monitoring :wink:

Is it possible to add me to the feature request as an interested-party as well?

Hi @sanderbol - I’ve added your feature request. Thank you for sharing more details about your underlying need. :grinning:

Any traction on this? It’s nearly a year later. I would also love to be able to monitor an FTP server.

I don’t have any updates on this at the moment, @bliyanage - I will submit a request on your behalf. Thank you!

Just for some clarity, I’m specifically looking for sftp, which might be a little different.

Hey @bliyanage,

Thanks for the clarification! I’ve gone ahead and modified the request to capture that you are looking primarily for sftp support.

Any updates on this feature request?

Still being worked on, @ncrown! I will be happy to create a feature request on your behalf. Feel free to provide any context/details for our product team.

Yes - please do create an FR on our behalf.

What we really need is the ability to ping / login via FTPS and list the directory contents.


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Noted, @ncrown! Updated your feature request! Thanks again :blush:

I would like the ability check the available of any given network port. For example, I would like to check that an SMTP responds with ‘HELO’.

This should be covered with the ‘net’ library which isn’t available.

Hi @cdhunt - thank you for the request. I’ve gone ahead and sent this off to our product management team.

I hate to bring up an old topic but was this ever finished? I need the ability to monitor if an FTP url is up and if a specific port is open. @Linds @ehulburt Thanks!

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This would be very useful

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This would be very useful feature, any updates on if it will ever be included?