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Feature Idea: Provisioning Users via SAML



Hi, @JoshuaKwan: Will this work for you:


Jumping in here too, we’re facing the same problem.

For us the issue is around AUTOMATION and SCALABILITY so using any webpage and clicking around will not satisfy our needs. I’m sure I’m not alone here. Please add either an API to provision users or JIT for SAML auth.



+1 Our usecase would be G-Suite SAML.
Adding a user via rest api call would be ok as well!


Hey @jan & @mark.brody

Currently there is no update on this, beyond @philweber’s link on CSV user updates. We’ll get your +1s added to the feature request however.

That said, User Provisioning updates to our RBAC implementation are things our engineering teams have on their radar. We cannot confirm a timeline at the moment, but getting your use cases on this thread will help us get them to the product teams.


Bump. Any word on this? Its a really useful feature as we have a lot of people add and remove manually


Hey @bmccarthy - No update right now - other than to say that auto-provisioning users by SAML is on the roadmap, as before though, we have no timeline for this right now.

We’ll try to keep this thread updates when we know something a little more solid on that timeline.


Hi Ryan,

Where are we at with this feature? Department of Customer Service require this ASAP!



@tvogel -

We have been recently running a closed limited release program for Okta Auto-Provisioning,
That said I have no updates on the timing for general availability for any auto-provisioning features.