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Feature Idea: Public Insights Dashboards




I would like to log a few feature requests for Insights dashboards.

Publicly available dashboards similar to the SLA report publicly available url’s so we don’t have to add business users to New Relic and only provide them with the data they need.

RAG status dashboards which turn Red, Amber or Green based off statistics such Apdex values, average response times within a time period.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.

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+1 for this feature request


@stefan_garnham and @rkarumanchi
I have both of your feature requests added!


+1 again for this request as a basic requirement for any dashboard


Hey @pierslawson (and others)!

I’d like to bring to your attention the option of using embedding for charts:

…and widgets for Insights:

Though this isn’t specifically what you’re requesting, I hope that these options provide some workaround and usability.

I’ve also added your +1 for both Insights dashboards (and APM pages) to allow for public view options, outside of the embedding we currently provide.


I am aware of those features but, as you stated yourself @netheroth, they are workarounds


Hi @netheroth: is there any progress on this? I am now being chased to provide dashboards for a range of users and I would like to know if this is imminent prior to starting a solution.


Hey @stefan_garnham - unfortunately, no. We don’t have any official updates on publicly accessible dashboards.

Though if this is something pressing (and if you have clients pushing) you may want to get in touch with your account manager. Its very difficult to provide any unique solutions via the forums but a more direct conversation may help garner some better information.


Usage of New Relic Insights and dashboards have gone viral in our company. However, a large number of the people who want to see the metrics are not classic users (think high level Execs and not Ops or Development) and an account/login is a barrier to broader transparency. A fantastic feature would be to be able to provide a public URL for a dashboard, much like is done with Embed Code. We have need for kiosk displays in public areas as well as the occasional need to share with clients. Enabling more eyeballs on the data would create even more demand for it.


Linking in the other requests for this:


Thanks @todd_preece and @stefan_garnham! Todd, I went ahead and merged your request/idea into this thread so that you can vote! I’ll also be sure to pass up your input to our Product team. Thanks for letting us know!


Feature request has been opened since Nov 2015, no progress so far. Lack of ability to share Insights dashboards publically does not allow us to effectively communicate with non-technical stakeholders. Dear NR team, what is your view on this? How many votes the request needs to have for you to start considering this feature implementation?


Hi folks!

Yes, it has been awhile. We are definitely looking at this as a medium-term initiative for our roadmap. It’s likely that we’ll start with something simple like email-able reports / snapshots of dashboards that could be emailed to stakeholders within your organization (or outside of it) and then move toward something more dynamic like a sharable obfuscated URL.

I am curious – particularly from @Uladzimir.Palkhouski, since he revived this thread – how does this group think about this feature with regard to security? What kind of model would you like to see for controlling & revoking visibility / access to these dashboards? Some ideas that we’ve had (without leading the witness too much):

  • Time-based permissions, a URL that stays alive for a period of time and then becomes inactive.
  • Manually revocable URLs, where you have the ability to remove access to the URL.
  • Temporary login, where you give a temporary NR username to the user via a secure email and then revoke it after a time period.
  • [Your idea here]



Hi @hshapiro

I think a simple option within Insights to make the dashboard public would be effective enough. Additional entry in the drop down on the dashboard editing screen. That enables us to change the visibility quickly.

I would not want to add temporary accounts. How would that work with SSO enabled when you cannot have mixed mode authentication?

I feel that we are responsible enough to determine the sensitivity of the data we provide public dashboard.


Hey @hshapiro,
We have discussed internally. Public dashboards will not work for us unfortunately therefore we came up with several ideas of extending current permissions system to support: a) access to the dashboards by request b) email-domain based authorization. In fact both ideas extend registration mechanism to allow user registration on demand. I would like to elaborate on those ideas a little bit by expressing them as use cases.

Access to the dashboards by request

  1. Dashboard owner enables access to the dashboard on demand
  2. Dashboard owner shares permalink to the dashboard with colleagues
  3. A colleague tries to access the dashboard by following the permalink and observes “Request Dashboard Access page” - similar to conlfuence “Request access to restricted page” here:
  4. A colleague requests access by clicking “Request Access” button
  5. System notifies Dashboard Owner / Account admin by email
  6. Dashboard Owner / Account admin approves access
  7. System creates user account for Requestor, system grants access permissions for a target Dashboard to the Requestor

Email-domain based authorization

  1. Dashboard owner enables email-domain based authorization for the dashboard
  2. Dashboard owner shares permalink to the dashboard with colleagues
  3. A colleague tries to access the dashboard by following the permalink and observes “Register and Confirm Identity Page” requesting user to provide his email address (within company domain)
  4. A colleague provides his email and submit request
  5. System generates temporary PIN or temporary link and sends it to the Requestor email
  6. Requestor receives email, click the link or provides temporary PIN on the target page
  7. System creates user account for Requestor, system grants access permissions for a target Dashboard to the Requestor

The approaches above will work only if granular access control is implemented on the level of Dashboards and Data Apps so that we can restrict read/write access to a subset of users.

May 8, 2017 Post of the Week—Insights, SAML, Mobile and CX!


Holy crap! What an awesome and detailed description. We really appreciate you taking the time.

So if I understand correctly, your solutions involve a few key items:

  1. Obfuscated, public permalinks for dashboards that can be shared with people who don’t have an NR login
  2. A “request access” page that that user runs into
  3. A temporary username that gets provisioned for them, giving them access to that dashboard only

This solution is a bit complex, but it does seem to create a lot of security around access to these dashboards. A few questions:

  • What happens when the user logs into NR using that username, in your mind? Do they see JUST the dashboard that they have access to?
  • Would you like those usernames to be associated with 2+ public dashboards? In other words, do you envision it being a scenario where a user could use that username to request access on a number of public dashboards?
  • If you’re using SSO, do you envision ONLY giving access to these dashboards for users who are within the SSO system? Or would you want to be able to give access to the dashboards for anyone, regardless of whether or not they’re in your SSO system?

Thanks again for taking the time!


Insights restrictions

This would make my life much easier :slight_smile:


Thanks for the detailed items. one thing i noticed is you use “colleague” a lot. I see some use cases where it could be a customer.

in this scenario CompanyB user would only be able to see Company B Dashboard and nothing else. Alternatively i think having an email-able dashboard/report would accomplish the same goal of allowing a specific set of individuals to get a summary of specific graphs/charts/reports.


Hey there @josue.tello - I just wanted to thank you for the additional details. I know our product teams love it!


Hi, @hshapiro just wondering if we might expect news related to this Feature Idea in the FutureStack.