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Feature Idea: Public Insights Dashboards



Going to loop in @misaacson - our Insights Product Owner. Any news to share at this time regarding this Feature Idea?


Thanks @Linds!

@mpermon - Unfortunately, publicly shareable links/dashboards are not on the roadmap at this time. However, an upcoming feature for Insights will be the ability to export charts and dashboard in formats such as png and jpeg. While this doesn’t solve the problem of real-time visibility, it does allow for easier sharing of charts and dashboards with those that don’t have access to NR Insights. We will be talking a bit about this feature at FS in the Insights presentation.


Thanks for the update! If this is not going to happen in the short term, are you maybe focusing on providing more granular access to insights / browser / etc?

IMO, having the Synthetics permission system available in the rest of the products would be a clear win (and at least some of us) probably wouldn’t need a public dashboards feature if access can be managed in this way.

Thanks again!


For our usecase we want to share with clients - so we don’t want them to be users within NR. A scenario that would work for us is the ability to create one/several unique URL’s for specific dashboards. We can then communicate/share the URL with the intended target community. If there is the feature to “delete” the URL then we can remove access at any time to that community. In a perfect world we would be able to create multiple URL’s for the same dashboard, so that way we could discontinue access to some of the community (based on which URL we shared with which group).
We want the shared URl to be able to be embedded as a DIV or worst case a iframe. We don’t want any of the Insights “menu” structure accessible, but we really want the search/filter and timeframe selector. There would be no need to editing, dashboard notes and the like.


@misaacson when you mention export charts to png and jpeg, is the initial step to only provide that on a chart by chart basis? I didn’t know if as a user i would be able to export the entire dashboard as a printable format so that i could then save it as a PDF or print it (not sure why i would). This would at least i believe allow folks (my self selfishly included) to be able to quickly export an entire dashboard and email it to a customer via email or some other electronic method.


Hi, @josue.tello: You can “export” an entire dashboard today, though it requires a few clicks. I created the file below by:

  1. Making the dashboard full-screen;
  2. Using the Awesome Screenshot extension for Google Chrome to capture the entire page as a PNG;
  3. Opening the PNG in the Mac Preview app and exporting as PDF.

Insights Business Performance Overview.pdf (220.1 KB)


Thanks for the current work around @philweber i’m going to start doing that for now! Does this still print the whole dashboard if its is a bit on the longer side?


I haven’t tested it, but I think it will. The dashboard above was taller than my screen.


Thanks @philweber! I didn’t realize there was a workaround for this already :slight_smile:

@josue.tello Yes, this is currently a roadmap item to allow you to create a dashboard PDF from within Insights.


This would work for me. We use that feature in Librato. I think it is up to the team to control what is available and who has access to the public dashboard urls.


Thanks for adding your two cents @danilo.delponte!


The only people I would share this with are developers in a specified group. It is their dashboard that would be placed on a monitor, but the only way to access the dashboard is if someone signs into New Relic, but it also means other data belonging to that user would be made available.