Feature Idea: Query Uptime Available in the API


The documentation page API examples for SLA reports contains examples of using the API to acquire the data shown on the SLA page. The data described in the availability report, unfortunately, is not available via the API. I have entered a feature request for this, however.

@Limey, is there any ETA you can share with regards to this feature request? Querying for availability data and incidents would be a great addition to the API (there was a topic about this one too a couple of weeks ago)


I’m afraid I can’t give you an ETA on this request. These go to the product managers who have to consider them in light of other requests, on-going work, the impact on other efforts, etc. Once a decision is made it then has to be scheduled into the stream of proposed changes. We don’t have visibility of these until late in the process so there is no way for us to estimate or even guess intelligently.

The best thing for those with an interest in a new feature to do is to make certain they have contacted us to have a feature request submitted so the community interest is adequately represented.

Sorry to not have better news for you.

Hi @FilipeEsteves - you mention “querying for…incidents” - that recently became available in the brand-new Alerts (beta) API - see https://rpm.newrelic.com/api/explore/alerts_events/list - does that help?

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@cooper, thanks! This is definitely good news. Is there anything with this latest update on the API covering uptime (availability) ?


The closest we’ve got is a NRQL query (that you can run via the Insights API) that returns uptime based on NR Synthetics monitors - see Useful Insights NRQL queries library

Us Product Managers still have it on our wish list to have a more direct “uptime” API endpoint, but I have no timing estimate on that feature.

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Hi there,
I’d like to know if there has been any movement on this and if there are still plans to make this available in the api?



The feature request is still pending. I have added one in your name, however, so that your interest in this is noted by our product managers.

Thank you for letting us know.

NR, please implement query uptime available in the API

Any news on this feature?, I believe this could be highly leveraged.



@tom.bosworth Thanks for your input! We haven’t announced any information on this feature, but rest assured the Product Managers are aware of your needs. Once there is some new information we’ll be sure to update this thread.

For now I will add you to the feature request!

NR, Do you have any news on this feature?
I would really like to have this, as soon as possible.
Do you have ETA on it?


Hi @avigaill - No update yet. I have added you onto the feature request for this too. Once there is an update, we will post here.

Thanks for your interest and support in this feature!


I’d be interested in this feature as well, or at least a way download daily SLA reports (CSV) for specific days.

Any update on this?

Gotcha, @tomp_r! Thanks for pitching in!

As always, as much context and detail you can share about your use cases is very helpful to our product team while they review this!

Please be sure to also vote above—check back for updates! :blush:


Just checking in, has this feature gained any traction or is it still in the backlog? Haven’t seen any updates for this issue.


Hey, Any news on this feature?

is the wait going to be longer?

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Just want to check if there was an update to this topic. Is it possible now to get the ‘uptime’ metric through REST API or get SLA reports including the ‘uptime’ metric through Rest API. I have seen multiple posts regarding this and each says that this Feature Request is still pending. It will be great if you can share an update on this.


Any news on this feature. THis would be handy and also with synthetic monitor the ablity to get uptime would be very handy.
Thank you

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Another user that would love to see this feature implemented.