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Feature Idea: React Native Apps



I want to install New Relic on an iOS and Android app built in React Native. I was wondering what the best solution to this would be. My thinking tells me I can install the NR for iOS and Android through the native SDK, but in that scenario I would probably lose the level of the detail that runs on the Javascript side with RN, so I am not sure if trying New Relic for Javascript would be even a better approach.

Thanks in advance.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hi @edoardo – At this time New Relic’s support for mobile hybrid frameworks (such as React Native) is limited to Titanium SDK.

We are always gauging interest in these frameworks and will submit a request on your behalf to our product management team.


+1 here. This would be a great addition to the New Relic Mobile stack and something I would be very interested in.


Hey @olliebrennan,
I have logged a feature request on your behalf. Thanks for your interest!


Another +1 from me. This would be very helpful.


@jasonmerino I have added your +1!


Yet another +1. If you can put this in the priority queue, that will be great :smiley:


@brianjd I got your +1 as well, and passed along that you would like to see this as a priority!


+1 for react native support in New Relic Mobile APM. Please make it real. :bow:


You got it, @Wang! Putting in a feature request for you right now! The more voices my product managers hear behind this, the better! :thumbsup:


+1 too.

IMHO, React && ReactNative will have both great futures ! A early NewRelic support could be great for your business and for us, your clients :wink:


We do love making our clients happy, @jules! I am adding your +1 for this feature right now! Thanks!


+1 add this please :slight_smile:


Hi @cristian1 thanks for chiming in. I’ve gone ahead and added your +1 to this as well. Thank you for adding more support for this request!


+1 for React as well


@sdj Just added your +1 for this feature request :slightly_smiling:


Also adding +1 for both React and React Native (is that a +2??). Any news if this is on the roadmap?


Thank you for your requests and +1’s. We did add React Native to the list, although it is a rather long list. We will see what we can do. A creative combination of data from the Javascript agent and Mobile agent might be helpful, so if anyone has pulled something together, please share with others!


Hey guys - please check out


Looks great! Thanks for the share, @doronpe!