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Feature Idea: React Native Apps



+1 for react native!
That plugin from Wix… I am trying it out. It looks like it shows some data, but all is just UIViewController. Can I do something with it or it’s just hard limitation of RN?


where can we vote on this?


Hi @edoardo, @olliebrennan, @jasonmerino, @brianjd, @Wang, @jules, @cristian1, @sdj, @kevin_mccall, @doronpe, @trubi,, @ggordan, @ianm, @Lorraine.Fox,

Thank you so much for reaching out about React Native (in a couple different posts). We are starting to talk to customers about what they would want to see for data for React Native apps, since they are so different than native apps from the development and monitoring perspectives.

So, a couple questions for you:

  • What data is the most crucial for monitoring your mobile app? Crashes, network requests and errors, interactions, javascript errors, or something else?
  • For crashes, would the native code stack trace be enough, or would you need some mapping to the initial javascript?
  • What else would be useful that might be a bit different than for native apps?

We are starting some research on React Native. Please let us know your thoughts!


Definitely interested in any React Native developments.


For our team working in React Native, the more important part that we want to monitor are related to network requests and javascript errors. And if we can have mapped that error, much better.
I think that the big difference is everything related to javascript because it’s the important part of our app.


+1 for a stable and NR backed sdk/lib.

Data for monitoring :
Interactions, similar to regular mobile SDK.
Crash analytics.
Network info/profiling.


+1 for an officially-maintained react-native library. I think demand is still there three years after the OP’s original suggestion.


Still would want this to consolidate all monitoring into one place