Feature Idea: Sort Columns by Query Order (not alphabetical)

You got it @Pankaj_Takawale! Adding your interest now!

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Hi, Any update on this?

No new news @lkaravadi! Thanks for checking back in! :blush: I can notify my product managers so they know you are anxious for an update!

Any update?

Is this 20 characters yet?

No update yet, @Seth.Goldstein! If you like, I can create a feature request for you as well! Feel free to include your use case and any thing else you think will be helpful. :thumbsup:

We are logging a custom events. Included with the custom event is a metric along with a bunch of metadata about the event and metric. I’d like to be able to run a NRQL query and order by the metric. That way I can see the metadata associated with the slowest custom events.

Awesome @Seth.Goldstein! Thanks for that context—adding your use case to your feature request right now.

Hi, any update for this request?

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Is there any way that we can order by the column used for Facet instead of the count?


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Hi @lkaravadi - No updates yet. Unfortunately I don’t have any hard information on whether the feature is in the works. Please bear in mind that while we take feature request seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting our roadmap, it’s not a guarantee the feature will be implemented. It DOES ensure the idea is put on the table and discussed though, and we will update you here if we learn anything new.

Hi folks,

This is definitely something that has been on the radar for awhile. While it’s not on the short-term roadmap, it’s something we’d like to do in the medium to long-term. Notably, it may not be implemented server-side (i.e., it may not be an explicit command in the query) but rather at least initially implemented client-side (i.e., sorting results that are sitting on the screen) to expedite delivery. We don’t have a firm ETA for this yet, but we will absolutely update this thread if and when it is in the works.


+1 for this feature request

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Thanks, @dmitryg! Make sure you take part in the poll above! :blush:

+1 for this feature request.

For me, the preferred solution is clickable/sortable column headers in the displayed table (NRQL results) so the user can choose which column to sort on. This would be similar to the APM Applications page - you can sort by Name, Throughput, Error %, etc. (and that page supports paging as well). This is basic UI functionality for table data.

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+1 for this feature request

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I’m very happy to see that clickable/sortable column headers have been implemented! :slight_smile: However, can you please provide proper sorting for numeric values? Numeric values are currently treated as alpha which results in a meaningless sort order (e.g. 1, 109, 11, 134, 2, 4, 43, 482, …).