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Feature Idea: Source of a Custom Event?


It is going to be very apparent once you read my questions that I am total newbie to New Relic. Am still going to ask anyway :).

I am getting an alert on daily basis and I was able to trace it to Insights Custom Event. I am not able to investigate any further where the alert is being triggered from. Need help to know what is the source of the alert? If I can atleast get to know which hostname is initiating those alerts, I can then get to the host for further investigation.
Also, if there is an API registered, how do I know which API is being used. Basically what the alert does is let users know that the a host is not available from a bunch of hosts.
Appreciate your help. Thanks.

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


@Naveen_Desai Can you share a link to your alert incidents? We (NR) have a similar view of your account as you do, so there’s very little more we can see. That said if you share a link to the incident I’m happy to take a look and see if I can spot anything as being the source.


Hello @RyanVeitch, Thanks for looking into this request. Here is the link for the alert.

( was looking at your timezone to see when I could expect reply :slight_smile: Saw Dublin. Not sure, If in CA, OH or Europe ).


Hey @Naveen_Desai - Yup, Dublin is correct, I’m based in New Relic’s Dublin office in Ireland.

I looked at that custom event, as I mentioned, there is very little I can see more than what you can see, that said I did try correlate that event to a few other things (such as Infrastructure hosts that map to host names in the event’s attributes).

Unfortunately there is very little information there. Though, most of what I see points to the event coming in through the Insights Insert API.

Is there a way for you to either, ask around your dev teams to see who may be using the nrHostCheck event name, or search your source repo for nrHostCheck to find a source here?

I am going to chat with some others internally to find out if there’s anything more we can see, however I’m doubtful of that returning anything very helpful. I’ll follow up here later if there is anything we can do. :slight_smile:


Hello Ryan,
Thanks for checking it for me.
I see that the event has been modified by Amit Y of NewRelic, sometime in Nov 17. I can reach out to him.
But am baffled, that a monitoring tool does not have source of an event. Unless its a security related event category, I would expect that it atleast gives a URI, a hostname, or a script name as its source.
While there is a problem to fix that script is why I am researching, even for house maintenance within the product, that metadata of event should have been there. Is this a candidate for “Feature request” ?


@Naveen_Desai - A colleague pointed out to me that in your list of API keys, one includes the note ‘server up/down dashboard’

We can see in that dashboard that the widgets do use the NRHostCheck event. I’m still working with some others to see if we can narrow down the source of that event. It may be the case that we need to dig much deeper and get our engineering teams involved. I’ll update you here in this thread when I know more.

I do think you are right though that this is a great candidate for a feature request. The ability to trace an event back to it’s source would be valuable for many others I’m sure.

I’ll convert your original post into a poll for others to vote on, and I’ll file that feature request internally for you.