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Feature Idea: Support for Azure ServiceFabric?



Is there any prescription for getting NewRelic bootstrapped into an Azure ServiceFabric application available?

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We take feature ideas seriously and our product managers review every one when plotting their roadmaps. However, there is no guarantee this feature will be implemented. This post ensures the idea is put on the table and discussed though. So please vote and share your extra details with our team.


Hi @dmarsh,

While our profiler and agent will most likely work with the applications deployed to the Fabric we currently do not support the Azure Service Fabric Environment itself. Now it’s possible that the NewRelic.Azure.WebSite nugent package can be installed in the app, there may be some additional steps that are required before the agent can initialize such as setting the proper environment variables and setting directory permissions for logs. We can certainly look at filing a feature request for a more streamlined approach though.


It’s the emerging platform for running microservices on Azure, so I would certainly hope you’ll get direct support for it put on your roadmap.


Hi @dmarsh

Thank you for your feedback. I’ve filed a feature request with our product managers for support for the Azure Service Fabric platform. :smile:


Hi @nrodman

As @dmarsh has already mentioned, this technology is becoming an obvious choice for microservices. I’ve previously used NR on Cloud Services and would love to use it again on the my current Service Fabric project.

Is there any news on New Relic naively supporting Service Fabric?


Nothing new to share right now, @tom.austin. Thanks for letting me know that you are interested—I will create a feature request for you and pass it along to our product team. If you have any other details or a use case to provide, please let me know! Thanks.


Not having support is becoming a real concern for us, we hope to be adopting service fabric in the future and if new relic doesn’t support this, we may have to make plans to move away from new relic now on our current software infrastructure.

We paying users, should be told when or even if support will be added.


Hi @dmarsh, @tom.austin, @peter.king

Thank you for your contribution regarding support for Azure Service Fabric. I want to let you know that supporting Azure Service Fabric is on our roadmap. I wish I could be more specific, but dates and other timing specifics are still being worked out. So, please check back for future updates. Thank you for your patience.


is new version supports for Azure Service Fabric?


Hi @jbhate,

I have submitted a feature request on your behalf. If your suggestion is implemented we will let you know. Thanks again :grinning:


Hi @ddoyle, currently we do have NewRelic license , how this feature support will affect our licensing model?
cc: @Linds


@jbhate Since this is still in the request faze, we wouldn’t have any idea how it would look like when/if it was implemented.

Typically there are no subscription changes needed when we start supporting new frameworks or environments. However at this point there would be no way to conclusively confirm that.

We base pricing on your choice of per host or on the host’s compute units. I wouldn’t expect that to change. I hope this helps to answer your question. Let me know if you have any others!


I’m going to have to add my support onto this. Not only is this massively needed by my company, but is something that no one else is currently doing. Money maker for NR for sure.


:money_mouth: Thanks for the tip, @tlaw! ServiceFabric has been prioritized on our roadmap so hang tight! Please check back here soon and vote in the poll I created above!

Thanks again for pitching in!


@Linds, any update on the roadmap. We have a fairly large NewRelic install base and as we migrate from Cloud Services to Service Fabric for our platform, we are evaluating other options (Application Insights, etc.) to replace NR when I renewal comes up as it is an expensive monthly bill that will not be able to support us as we grow in its current form.


No update at this time, @jlegan. I can tell how important this is to you and your team and I am sorry I don’t have better news. I will be sure that your use case gets passed to our product team in order to help with prioritization of this. Also, be sure to vote in the poll above!


@Linds, we are waiting for this feature too.


@Linds, do you have a more specific update (e.g. accepted or not, planned or not) on this issue? What’s the priority for adding this capability (e.g. Low, Medium, etc.)? I’d appreciate any details you have on this.


@Linds is there any update? But most importantly, is there any way to integrate new relic with SF as now? I’m currently using App Insights and it’s…not the same =/


@arts & @epereira - Thank you so much for sharing your interest in this again! I wish I had more specifics, all I can do is echo the things the product team has shared about Azure Service Fabric. This feature has been accepted, has been put on our roadmap and details are continuing to be planned out by our .NET Agent engineers. :tada:

Priority for this—and this is just a 100% guess—is medium/high on the list based on the fact that a lot of effort and planning have been discussed over here on our side. Of course, there are still things that have to happen before this can fully come to fruition.

Please know that things can and do change when it comes to these things. We are counting on your continued patience and excellent ideas. Thanks so much for checking in!

And @msantambrogio: If you are not using .NET Core, it’s possible you could get the agent to work with SF, but it isn’t something we can support or assist with. I have ensured that there is a feature request in for support of Service Fabric just for you so please stay tuned!