Feature Idea: Support for Azure ServiceFabric?

@Linds will this support both cloud and on premises installations?

Great question, @jhiller! I don’t actually know—but I know someone who does! And I have reached out to him to get you an answer! :tada: Give him some time to do the proper research and he will be updating this thread soon!

Also, I wanted to post some questions to you awesome participators here: @epereira, @arts, @jlegan, @tlaw, and all the rest of you!

  1. Which variants and capabilities of Azure Service Fabric do you want to use?

  2. What are the main drivers that led you to choose those? and what are the expected benefits?

Also, @jhiller: how long-lived will the instances be (any fast spin-up, spin-down containers)?

Thanks for giving us all this info that we need to make this great! :blush:


  1. I will use on Azure only
  2. Since we already have New Relic account, it would be nice to have it monitor SF clusters, as we do like New Relic’s alert system. For now, I try to use Azure Application Insight, supposedly it support SF better now.
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Hi everyone,

I’m a Product Manager here at New Relic and have a few questions for you all as we think through our solution (yes, we’re working on it in the near term) for Azure Service Fabric

  1. Are you running service fabric in Azure or something else (AWS, on prem…)?
  2. Are you running framework apps or core 2.0 apps? and if core, are you targeting core 2.0 or framework?
  3. Are you deploying apps directly to VMs or within containers?
  4. Are you able to work with code (Visual Studio) to install and instrument agents? And if so, do you like using NuGet?
  5. If you do not have access to code (ops people), are you able to work with an MSI installer or some other means to install the agent? And, is there anything that prevents you from having access to the VMs/ containers to install the agent and/ or the instrumentation files?
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Hi all,

Sorry for the late post on this. We did verify support for Azure Service Fabric and document one way of installing the agent into apps running in a service fabric cluster, earlier this year: https://docs.newrelic.com/docs/agents/net-agent/azure-installation/install-net-agent-azure-service-fabric

We continue to work with our customers and our partner teams at Microsoft to see how we can improve the install and monitoring experience for New Relic in Azure Service Fabric and other Azure Services.